World Cup of Music – The Last Post And Chorus: Winners And Losers From The Only World Cup Of Music

The Final post from the 2014 World Cup of Music rounds up who won, who were runner-ups and who were third placed. Also a final podcast rounding matters up.

Well, we picked them as favourites early on, even before the might of USA and England were knocked out, this year’s winners of the world cup of music were (drum roll, baitings of breaths, biting of nails)

!!!! COLUMBIA !!!!

Congratulations – it couldn’t have happened to a country with better music. Obviously, or they wouldn’t have won. That meant that Belgium were runners up of course. Meanwhile the third placed playoff between Japan and Ghana was won by Ghana.

Final results:

World Cup of Music – The Last Post And Chorus: Winners And Losers From The Only World Cup Of Music

Zaph has done a final podcast rounding up the whole contest. Check it out below.

Before we go a couple of things to mention. Firstly, Zaph does a radio show / podcast called In Memory Of John Peel which we heartily endorse. You should check it out if you don’t already – and tell all your mates to do so too. As the title of the show suggests so is the subject of the show and anyone channeling the spirit of Peel should be encouraged we think – so please check it out via iTunes, Pod0matic or Zaph’s Website:

Secondly Zaph, has to pay to keep these podcasts up so any help you can give him towards doing so is gratefully received. Donate via the button at the foot of the page on this link:

Right, that last podcast:

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