World Cup Of Music: It’s Quarter Final’s Time – check out the countries who got through and make sure you vote for your favourites!

The world cup of music continues, on a separate path to the world cup of football now of course. Make sure you get your scores in – the more who vote the better the results! We also have a roundup of the football quarter finals, Germany vs France and Brazil vs Colombia.

World Cup Of Music – Of course the last 16 in the world cup of music is different to the quarter finals in the football – check out who made it through in this flow chart:

World Cup Of Music: It’s Quarter Final’s Time – check out the countries who got through and make sure you vote for your favourites!

World Cup Of Music: Q Finals 1 & 2: Colombia verses Spain and Netherlands vs Japan.

Can Colombia succeed where their football team failed verses Spain, And can Netherlands repel Japan’s head of stream? YOU decide by dropping Zaph Mann a line via email on or by tweeting him on @worldcupofmusic with your picks. We want your votes in terms of scores please (2 -1, 3 – 3, 7 – 12 etc.)

Spain (The Superfools) vs Columbia (Quantic & Nidia Góngora)

Columbia (Meridian Brothers) vs Spain (Electronischebasisgeluide)

Netherlands (Katadreuffe) vs Japan (M.C.L.C & Dr.$NAKE)

Japan (Haioka) vs Netherlands (Jonas)

Big rivals Germany and France met in the first quarterfinal tie in the lovely setting of the Maracana Stadium. Germany’s early possession told when a lovely Kroos free into the box was cleverly nodded in by Mats Hummels. France occasionally threatened once or twice as the Benzema-Valbueno combo linked up well but it was Klose who was involved in the half’s other major incident bar the goal, having a decent penalty shout waved away. France’s best chance of the first period came when Neuer saved well from after, after he had been set of by one of the tournament’s star performers Valbuena. Benzema then warmed the hands of the German ‘keeper as half-time approached.

The second period was a bitty affair, nip-and-tuck, slow paced, with France surprisingly short in both wit and spirit. Their best two chances fell to Benzema but a block from Hummels, and a sure save from Neuer, respectively, kept Germany in the lead. Germany played a clever game, were defensively sound, and near made sure when Shurrle shot tamely at Lloris following a Muller miss-kick.

Next was the shaky Brazil vs happy Colombia affair from the Castelao.The home side started as though they meant business, bullying the opposition, while the ref turned a blind eye to Colombian appeals. Brazil’s plan was aided by poor Colombian marking at a Brazil corner, that led to Thiago Silva loosing his man to knock in from close range to give his side the lead. Colombia looked nervous and any attack was rare and punchless. Up the other end Hulk had two shots snuffed out by the ‘keeper Ospina.

In the second period the ref finally booked a player, Silva, for a barge into Ospina. This was the forty-first foul believe it or not. And yet a not classic match delivered a classic goal, PSG’s new signing David Luiz scoring with a delicious up-and-down side footer free-kick. Colombia new that to still believe they had to score the next one. They indeed did, through a confidently taken penalty from one of the tournament star-men, James Rodriguez, following Cesar clipping Carlos Bacca who had been fed brilliantly by Rodriguez.There was still a dozen-or-so minutes remaining with the score two to one in favour of Brazil. It was, for Brazil, a tense finish — not helped by the sight of Neymar carried off on a stretcher–, but they hung on, and yet remain unimpressive. Surely their run is due to end vs Germany in Tuesday’s first semifinal?


Right – now it’s over to you! Get your votes sent over to our man Zaph Mann. A reminder that you can vote by dropping Zaph a line via email on or tweet him on @worldcupofmusic with your picks. We want your votes in terms of scores please (2 -1, 3 – 3, 7 – 12 etc.)

For more details and to keep up to date on the podcasts, released on a day by day basis, head over to or follow @worldcupofmusic on twitter. Alternatively just point your browser towards this url: where you’ll find all the podcasts.

All words by Guy Manchester, Zaph Mann of the In Memory Of John Peel show and Phillip Neeson. You can find the post where we introduce the concept of the World Cup of Music here

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