‘working for the Clampdown’ Scottish cop wants crackdown on drink at Wickerman festival










Scotland’s Wickerman festival is a big favourites on the circuit- excellent line up fans, beautiful site, run by good people and a very good natured, good time crowd with no trouble.

This, it seems, is not enough for Chief Constable Stephen House who wants to ban ­middle-aged punters at the family-friendly event from drinking whisky, gin and other spirits.

And he is trying to limit the number of drinks people can buy to four at one time and restrict how staff pour the drinks.

The festival, which has never seen trouble before, will be held near Dundrennan in ­Kirkcudbrightshire on July 25 and 26.

The move to stop the sale of whisky, gin and vodka is part of 15 restrictions requested by House.

He also wants to cut last orders from 2am to midnight and limit the number of drink tokens people can buy to four.

Other recommendations include a single queue for public bars with each drink being poured only when ordered.

At previous festivals drinks were poured in advance and handed to customers immediately to speed things up.

Organisers have applied for a licence for five bars on the site, all of which would be open from 10am until 2am on the two main days of the festival.

House’s letter of representation has been sent to councillors ahead of today’s meeting of Stewartry Licensing Board.

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