Without Warning – Without Warning – album review

Without Warning – Without Warning (self-released)
CD / DL 

It may not be packed with an over-abundance of originality but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to like about this self-titled release from Without Warning.

Is it 1987 again. There’s loads of this crossover music around at the minute. It’s like DRI never went away. Without Warning basically sound like the last 25 years or so haven’t happened.

Following on where Crossover left over and forgetting any musical trend changes since what you get here is good hard hitting short thrashy punk songs. Similar to the recent excellent OFF full-length the songs are short, angry and to surprisingly catchy. It’s all here, barked vocals, early Poison Idea guitar sound and an ability not to take themselves too seriously.

You’ll find nothing remotely original here, but that doesn’t matter. It does what it says on the tin. This will appeal to a wide breadth of hardcore punk fans, from younger people all the way to fans of the original stuff.

Diamonds stands out and has been on repeat for a few days now. The only thing with this sort of thing is it always sounds better live. It’s all a bit too polished. It needs an edge.

Yes, I love this stuff. Yes, I liked the album. But I already had it a thousand times.

And why did my Windows Media Player bring different artwork up for each song? It sounds nothing like Rush “Presto”.

All words by Nick Wood.

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