The Winachi Tribe 30.01.2016 Live Room Manchester

The Winachi Tribe | The Slow Readers Club | Ordnance

The Live Room, Manchester

30th January 2016

Louder Than War’s Katie Clare shakes off the January blues at South Manchester’s new live music and club night venue The Live Room at The Winachi Tribe’s new single launch night featuring special guests The Slow Readers Club and Ordnance.

The Live Room is currently one of the newest venues in Manchester, so much so that fresh paint is still the primary scent in the air, and it has a lot of positives – nice staff, good prices and a friendly air. However as with all basement venues what it gains in atmosphere is paid for by a limited line of sight of the stage; those not front row or just behind have to create their own visual imagery of whatever may be the on stage antics. Lucky tonight there were three bands that provided plenty to feed the audio and emotional senses.

Sheffield trio Ordnance were the unknown variable tonight and proved to be quite the surprise. A joyous blend of indie, dance, psychedelic rock and well something else: something that appeared just long enough to be there but would disappeared before you get a handle on whatever it was. The three songs I managed to experience (Manchester traffic) were a great taster of a band with a versatile yet already distinguished sound that shines with youthful sparkle.

The Slow Readers Club 30.01.2016 Live Room ManchesterThe Slow Readers Club have a sound, both triumphant and plaintive  that falls on your senses from all angles especially in this relatively enclosed venue. The melding of malaise and exultation is something quite wonderful to experience. The band’s music is a mass of confident chords and military rhythm perfectly married with Aaron Starkie’s rich baritone vocals which switches at times to a tenor’s higher range; adding plenty of additional dramatic resonance to the already on the edge sensation that the band produce.

It is a brief nine song set that flies by, Days Like This Will Break Your Heart standing out well tonight and much more empowered than the title would suggest. The set builds up to a thrilling conclusion of Feet On Fire and Know the Day Will Come which certainly had everyone, if not dancing, certainly moving with some feeling. The Slow Readers Club are quite simply to glorious to be kept a secret; see them, be seduced and then pass the pleasure on.

The Winachi Tribe always seem to embrace every live experience with conviction and amiable good humour – which works well with their catchy urban-funk and creates a feeling of fellowship between them, their music and the audience. Opening the set with Sex, Drugs and Poetry the audience are instantly moving and bobbing as Liam Croker’s almost whispered vocals comfortably intertwines with the rich and groovy melody and rhythm.

Tonight The Winachi Tribe launch their latest release’s Sense of DangerThe Winachi Tribe 30.01.2016 Live Room Manchester 2 and I Sense Danger as the The Winachi Tribe VS Sense of Danger; these tracks are being used as the official soundtrack for the new clothing brand Sense of Danger who’ll be launching their menswear in spring. Sense of Danger is a strong single – the layers of vocals and riffs illustrate a broody fearsome night-time – while the rhythm, excellently executed by Inder Goldfinger, snakes around your shoulders and spine making you sway and shimmy with a somewhat hypnotic necessity.

Sense of Danger is an interesting addition to the bands live set one which shows the versatility of their funk infused sound. The Winachi Tribe bring the live part of the evening to an end with something lighter and a little more energetic Time for Love and Yeah Fool making sure that they left the audience dancing and grinning.


You can follow The Winachi Tribe keeping up to date with tour dates, new releases and more via their official website, Facebook page and Twitter where they tweet as @winachitribe. The bands current upcoming dates are:

19th February La Belle Angele, Edinburgh
20th February Bakers Nightclub, Kilmarnock
3rd March Sub89, Reading
4h March Shiiine On Weekender Presents at The Magnet, Liverpool
8th April The Tunnels, Aberdeen
9th April Supporting Dust Junkys at Sound Control, Manchester

The Slow Readers Club official website and Facebook are great place to keep up with live dates, release and all you need to know. The bands Soundcloud and Twitter (were they share as @slowreadersclub) are further great The Slow Readers Club places of interest and their current upcoming tour dates are:

13th February CRAFTED: For The Love Of Beer, Food And Music! – The Wonder Inn, Manchester
18th March St. Phillip’s Church, Manchester
2nd April The Leadmill, Sheffield
15th April Manchester Music Club Festival – Le Rockstore, Montpellier France

Connect with Ordnance on their Facebook, Soundcloud or on Twitter were you’ll find then posting as @ordnanceuk.

All words by Katie Clare. More writing by Katie on Louder Than War can be found at her author’s archive. She can also be found on Twitter where she uses @tokyo_katie.

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