Win Tickets to Un-Peeled – a festival dedicated to the memory of John Peel


Celebrating John Peel Day with acts who recorded for the legendary DJ… it’s Peel Sessions Live!

We are offerring a a pair of tickets for each of these events; that’s six gigs in two differring cities at three locations

Lancashire promoters Tuff Life Boogie aim to banish the austerity blues this Autumn with a terrific programme of shows in Preston and Manchester celebrating John Peel Day (the anniversary of his last radio show in October 2004). The Un-Peeled shows exclusively feature acts who recorded sessions for the legendary DJ, spanning several generations and a variety of genres.

Some of John Peel’s favourite artists appear at Un-Peeled, including The Groundhogs, The Stupids, Martin Carthy, The Cravats, The Nightingales, Yeah Yeah Noh, Bearsuit and Emma Pollock of The Delgados. Martin Bramah’s well-loved Blue Orchids have also reformed especially for the Manchester show.

There are five shows in Preston and an all-day event in Manchester. The Preston shows consist of two warm-ups and three themed gigs each highlighting a different strand of John Peel’s late-night radio shows; indie-pop, punk and folk. All the threads are tied together at the all-dayer in Manchester across two venues in the Northern Quarter, a spectacular event featuring 17 acts who recorded over 80 Peel sessions between them!

The Un-Peeled schedule reads like a typical John Peel show, featuring many artists Peel and his producer John Walters asked back to record time after time.


Un-Peeled Programme

All the Preston shows are at The Continental


 Thursday 13th September 2012 Preston The Continental advance tickets £7
Emma Pollock (The Delgados) ”“ acoustic set and R.M.Hubbert (El Hombre Trajeado)

 Sunday 14h October 2012 Preston The Continental advance tickets £6
The Nightingales, The Lovely Eggs (Angelia), Ted Chippington, Vincent Black Lightining (Notsensibles)

Saturday 20h October 2012 Preston The Continental advance tickets £8
The June Brides, Bearsuit, Sarandon (Big Flame), The Great Leap Forward, The Bent Moustache (Donkey/The Dandelion Adventure)
John Peel on The Delgados (Emma Pollock’s previous band who recorded 15 sessions): “The best in Britain. One of the greatest bands in the world.”
John Peel on The Nightingales (singer Robert Lloyd recorded 15 sessions with The Prefects, The Nightingales and in solo guises) :
“their performances will serve to confirm their excellence when we are far enough distanced from the 1980s to look at the period rationally and other, infinitely better known bands stand revealed as charlatans.”
John Peel on The Cravats:
“I hate Toyah records and they all go whizzing into the charts, and I love The Cravats and play all their records and nobody buys them. Whenever I start to feel important I think, ‘Well, I never did much for The Cravats and I didn’t stop Toyah’…”
John Peel on Bearsuit
“In an era when almost everything is quite like something else, Bearsuit are not quite like anything.”

Friday 26 October 2012 Preston The Continental advance tickets £10
The Stupids, The Cravats, H.D.Q.

Sunday 28th October 2012 Preston The Continental advance tickets £12.50
Martin Carthy, Alasdair Roberts ”“ exclusive full band set and Of Arrowe Hill

Manchester all-dayer

Saturday October 27th 2012 Early Bird tickets just £15!
at Night & Day Café and Gullivers Bar, both on Oldham Street in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, M1 1JN.
Emma Pollock ”“ exclusive full band set (The Delgados), The Groundhogs, The Blue Orchids, Stuart Moxham (Young Marble Giants), The Telescopes, The Wolfhounds, Yeah Yeah Noh, Inca Babies, Jez Kerr and the Family Bizarre (A Certain Ratio, The Fall), Anthroprophh/Big Naturals (The Heads), Pink Peg Slax, Dave Jackson and the Cathedral Mountaineers (The Room, Benny Profane), The Bent Moustache (Donkey, The Dandelion Adventure), John Hyatt (The Three Johns), Nights on Mars (also The Three Johns), Vincent Black Lightning (Notsensibles) and Baboon (Cornershop, Blank Students).

Collectively, the bands at the Manchester all-dayer have recorded 85 John Peel sessions. We think that’s the highest total recorded by any line-up at a single show anywhere in the world!
There are also 2 acts who are children of the Peel session vets ”“ Tom Hyatt, son of John Hyatt vocalist of the Three Johns (John Hyatt is appearing at Un-Peeled solo) and The Strange, a four piece teenage post punk outfit from Burnley who include Sam and Elias Hartley, sons of Stephen Hartley from Notsensibles (Stephen is also playing Un-Peeled with his current band, Vincent Black Lightning). One Unique Silence, who back-up Stephen Lawrie in the current line-up of The Telescopes, also play a set of their own.

Michael Fenton from BBC Radio Lancashire’s magnificent ”˜On The Wire’ programme,, will DJ roots reggae, dub, African and classic R’n’B in-between acts at the all-dayer, covering the parts of the Peel show our live acts couldn’t reach!

The event starts at 2pm and will run to 2am in both venues. Wristband exchange is open at the Night and Day Café from 1.30pm.
Ticket links:

Tuff Life Boogie 
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John Peel needs no introduction to music fans, let’s just say if you’re over 21 and you’re into underground music, it’s likely that John Peel had a big impact on you. Peel’s death in 2004 left such a big hole in on Radio 1’s scheduling that they couldn’t even manage to fill it with 3 DJs taking turns to share his night-time slot. At times the popular BBC 6 Music channel’s entire output seems to be based on old John Peel shows! John Peel day started in 2005, originally marking the anniversary of his last radio show, and has continued in subsequent years with gigs being organised up and down the country showcasing the kind of underground music Peel championed.
The ”˜Un-Peeled’ shows started in Preston last year, when Tuff Life Boogie turned a repeat booking from the Nightingales into an all-dayer of John Peel session vets, headlined by Clinic! The show was a great success and drew Peel aficionados from all over the country, so we decided on a repeat prescription for 2012.
Most of the Un-Peeled shows are at The Continental in Preston,, a thriving arts hub in the otherwise sleepy end of town, by Avenham Park and the River Ribble. We think it’s a fitting setting in which to remember John Peel, who did so much to enrich the experience of pre-internet music fans living in the provinces. Peel’s broadcasts were a cultural lifeline to kids growing up in disenfranchised satellite towns such as Preston, the places where choice gigs didn’t take place every night of the week and your favourite band just wasn’t likely to rock up on tour.

So, to be in with a chance to win any of the tickets on offer follow these simple instruction;

1. ‘Like’ the LTW Facebook page
2. Answer this simple question – John Peel was born in Heswall, Wirral – the town has a pub bearing his birth surname; what was Peel’s
3. Send your answer to feverp(at)btinternet(dot)com – Subject line MUST read Event date you wish to attend.

No cash alternative is available, no travel arrangements or costs are covered, multiple entries will be disqualified, spoiled entries will be discarded – tickets will be sent direct from Tuff Life Boogie and the Editor’s decision is final.

Closing date Saturday 1st September 2012

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  1. Urgent news just in about the Un-Peeled punk show on 26th October. Since I sent the press release to Louder than War, The Stupids have had to pull out. You may have heard that drummer Tommy Stupid broke his leg in a road accident the week before Rebellion Festival in Blackpool at the begining of this month (which is why their Rebelion set was pulled).

    At first we thought Tommy would be OK to play in October, but I’ve just heard from the band that he won’t be fit enough in time, so they’ve reluctantly had to cancel. The show will go ahead, The Cravats and H.D.Q. can definitely play, and I am working on a replacement for The Stupids at the moment. I will post more news as i get it!

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