Will you eat lab grown meat?The announcement of the launch of lab grown meat- the meat grown from the cells of dead animals throws up an interesting few questions.

Scientists took cells from a cow and, at an institute in the Netherlands, turned them into strips of muscle which they combined to make a patty.

Researchers say the technology could be a sustainable way of meeting what they say is a growing demand for meat and that it’s healthier than eating dead flesh that is full of bacteria and fecal matter.

Critics say that eating less meat would be an easier way to tackle predicted food shortages.

Where do you stand on this? Personally as a vegan the whole thing is a no-no; fake meat grown from cells is still meat so the ethical side is a bit less sticky but the health side seems questionable. If you are a meat eater is it easier to stomach? Do you give a fuck? Is this a creating a whole new set of problems?…and where is Morrissey when we need him!



  1. The main problem with our meat supplies is not for me about eating meat – if our ancestors hadn’t eaten meat then our brains wouldn’t have developed to be able to write and play all those songs you love – the problem for me is the appalling state of animal welfare, classification and labeling. The other problem is – if there is no meat, there are no animals.

    The danger is that we are too stupid to understand all the repercussions of the technology we invent and the effect on our bodies – but in a hundred years’ time meat farms will be giant laboratories and I don’t think there’s anything we could do to halt that – producing sustainable food for all the creatures on the planet is the optimal situation so unless we destroy ourselves first, eventually that will happen.


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