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The electric fusion made between rapper MC Amalgam and folk / ska band Will Tun and The Wasters in the form of EP Unite and Charge is an astounding experience says Louder Than War’s Halima Amin.

The album takes the form of remixes, but it must be noted that these remixes aren’t made just by changing the tempos and using different beats, but rather they’re complete transformations of songs that began as decent songs & that are turned in explosive, exhilarating songs. The biggest joy here is that this experimental angle signals much more interesting music from the band to come in the future, a treasure when you consider the monotonous nature of bog standard ska / punk / folk fusions.

Opening fully formed with Ragamuffin MC, a booming anthem of fun and silliness with wonderfully articulated confrontation from MC Amalgam, Ragamuffin MC keeps the summer spirit strong. Mike Frear of Slamboree remixes the track later on the EP in a perfect piece of sliced up vocals and thrilling bass. A ska version of MC Amalgams signature track Red is not Dead (from his own debut EP Red is Not Dead (DownTown Digital Records)) bassily bumps in next, a favourite on the album of which the video has just been released and you can view it below.


There is a further two remixes of Red is Not Dead toward the end of the EP, the first is by London scene wonder Fred Balkayou which provides a spacey texture with effortless beats and accents the vocals perfectly. Second remix is a jungle themed adventure by Tetra Hydro K, a big name on the French electro scene right now.

The track Slice Slice Slice is where the musicians in WTATW get more of their due, hidden in the album. The track itself is an insane concoction of very dark tones and lyricism and gypsy sounds swirled together by a captivating beat. The entire album itself is wonderfully upbeat, where the catchy choruses are shouted in by The Wasters (although they’re not so fair attempts at rapping are endearing) and the beat and animosity in delivery from impassioned French rapper MC Amalgam (it is a must to check out the available translations as it’d be too easy to underestimate the lyricism).

WTATW  are perfectly supported by drumming from Johnny Yeates (who has his own brilliant solo work) and delightful accordion from Josef Dobsracyzk. Vocalist / guitarist Will Tun is a pleasure, the entire band stand out more so due to their visible grass roots work ethic and values. East French rapper MC Amalgam has been on the music scene for around 12 years, playing all over Europe with deep thinking and provocative lyrics.

With confirmation of more work to come in the future and after a summer of touring preceding an Autumn of the same, they are definitely a collective to keep an eye out for.

MC Amalgram can be found on Facebook or Myspace. Will Tun & the Wasters can be found online at their Bandcamp page, their Soundcloud or on Facebook.

All words by Halima Amin. More writing by Halima Amin can be found here.

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