Stone Roses live dates 2016 poster

Stone Roses live dates 2016 posterWith the announcement of upcoming gigs that have sold out in minutes it seems like the Stone Roses will ways have no trouble selling out the BIG EVENTS.

But even their hardcore fans are asking if there will be new material or even a new album. Will the band turn up and play the same set as three years go? will they dig into their catalogue for a few new/old surprises or will there be new songs?

It would seem tricky to us for the band to play unreleased new songs as they would go straight online and kill any surprise about any album and release.

The only way the band could release new material is before the gigs. That would mean a March/April release if anything was to come out. If something came out it would have to be a My Bloody Valentine style sudden announcement release or some kind of similar ‘keeping the mystique’ announcement.

The question remains though…is there any new music? It would seem odd to us that there is no new music. There is enough firepower int he band to create an album – before the band reformed Ian Brown was regularity releasing successful solo albums and at the other end of the scale John Squire must have been stockpiling ideas in his head even if he wasn’t playing his guitar and that rhythm section just need to be in a room together and jam and stuff would emerge.

There have been rumours of studio action and nothing has been confirmed but there have been whispers of songs that have been recorded and sound great and the result of sessions full of the stress and thrills of creativity. If we had to put money on it we would say music exists, songs are there but whether they ever come out is another matter…


  1. It’s tiresome. Its over – 20 years ago. They would have to re-invent music, like Begging You: One of their finest moments. At best it’ll be mediocre 6/10. To come up with a new sound that will smash the windows of our ears: I doubt it, though I wish them well.


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