Will the BBC play ‘I’m in Love With Margaret Thatcher’ if that gets to number one?

Now this is stating to get really complicated.


The BBC are already stuck between a rock and a hard place with Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead, with the tricky decision with whether they play it or not on the chart countdown….currently in the top 3, the track looks like it could be number one on Sunday and there are is a big debate about whether the track should be played or not in the chart countdown.


A further complication has now arrived with the Not Sensibles song, I'm In Love With Margaret Thatcher flying up the charts after pro Tory facebook pages have been pushing it. If this gets to number one will the BBC play it? Is that fair? What is going to happen when the Tories find out that the song is a sarcastic puss take of Thatcher? Will the BBC be able to play it when they find out the real sentiment behind the track?


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  1. The BBC seem to be extremely selective when, and when not to be “political” Head of BBC Radio one Playlist committee sent an email stating a track I produced by the band “Looby” a cover of “Shame Shame Shame” would not be played as the BBC would “”have difficulty playing the record due to its political nature.” It was highlighting the fact that a British company were forcing it’s female employees to walk behind the men and even if not islamic, wear the islamic abaya……jokers to the left of me, wankers to the right it seems. The fact it was a straight cover of a 70’s disco track and just happened to be sung by the woman sacked for refusing to obey these demands must have put the political wing of the BBC into a flat spin. https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/shame-shame-shame-single/id307185486

  2. We’re perfectly aware that the @notsensibles’ track was not a tribute, although they have said that it was intended to be politically neutral. We are delighted that some old punks are being buzzed a few quid. All profits from sales of Ding Dong are going to multi-national companies.

  3. Hi Rick, you’re nothing if not wonderfully concise. Further to the profit point: who gives a fuck really? The original punks made a shit load of money for multi-national corporations and it’s not like they were fucking unionised is it? Ding Dong the hippies have fisted the country to death.


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