Will Seargent : double neck, 18 string, boogie machine
Will Sergeant : double neck, 18 string, boogie machine

Will Sergeant is one of the great guitar players.

His work with Echo And The Bunnymen helped to make the group stand out for decades- stark and tripped out, his guitar playing is incredibly distinctive and totally original. He is also brilliant DJ, with his his psych set being the best you will ever hear.

We asked him for his top 10 favourite albums, a cruel question for a music freak. Before giving us his answers and his comments about each album he told us…
‘I could have gone on forever and they could all be different tomorrow.
This is just in an order, but it could be in any order. Loads of other albums reluctantly left off…’

1. Marquee Moon: Television.

This Album really did change my life, the guitar work taught me that between metal string fingertip and mind there is a mystic process that can imbue real feeling and emotion into the ephemeral world of a guitar sound. The solos build with an intensity that is difficult to describe. At a time when it was extremely un-hip to have long guitar solos featured on so called punk albums Television seem to be able to transcend the whims of the fashionable and turn your heart to mush and make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck.

For number 2 in Will’s top 10 albums please go here

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  1. What a ‘Prog Rocker ‘ you are man! I have loved your band for 34 years, but I hate every single LP in your top ten! Prog Rock is the enemy! dx

    • Bowie, Roxy, Kraftwerk, Eno… prog? I’m not hanging out here for a fag paper thin cut and thrust argument on genres, just saying, that those four albums transcend pigeon holes. (Can’t say the same for Genesis, mind).

      • I’d say that Genesis, specifically, call into question the very idea of genres, other than a low resolution marketing tool, (or to perhaps help mark certain scenes, which are as much reliant on fashion paraphernalia… clothing, haircuts etc).
        Don’t get me wrong, they’ve put some stuff out that is definitely not for me, but at their best and most impressive they should make you question what the 70’s progressive rock genre was, because they sound nothing like any of the rest of the bands given that label at the time, if you pay close enough attention. A musician of Will’s caliber can clearly see it, hence his endorsement.
        To things to add …
        For me, ‘The Killing Moon’ is one of the most timeless and beautiful pieces of art and Will’s guitar playing on it is sublime.
        The other thing is that I noticed I’m commenting on John Robb’s website.
        The guy always looks and sounds as hard as nails whenever I hear him speak on any of these shows/retrospectives where they need a talking head/contributor, but does often drop the odd truth bomb, which is just as well cause I wouldn’t want to disagree with him too much

  2. It’s always amazing to find out who our idols love isn’t it? There’s no way for them to love their own music the way we love it, since the members of the band all are individuals who each come from distinctly different musical-loving backgrounds themselves and must have had to compromise when they got together to create the sound that I, (for one) adore more than any other sound in the universe.
    Fascinating reading Will…thanks for sharing with us!

  3. Have to agree with Will all wonderful albums that have greatly influenced myself, and so did the Bunnymen

  4. When I saw the Bunnymen live in 1983 I couldn’t imagine their guitarist was into other stuff that I love like Foxtrot or Caravan, apparently the 2 worlds were miles apart.

    But now reading this list a lot of things start to make sense, there was a connection after all.


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