Will second hand clothing sales overtake fast fashion within a decade?The increasing awareness of climate crisis and the destruction of the planet is beginning to make a very real impact on the way we think.

What was once a hell for leather rush into consumer madness with fashion driving the stakes and the worship of the new has been turned on its head.

In the past year there has been a massive rise in the sales of second hand items. Instead of junking clothes the minute they go out of a spurious fashion, people are increasingly looking into recycled clothes or getting more out the ones they already have.

So much landfill if full of barely worn clothes – it’s a huge percentage – that yet another rethink is needed on the way we think about our lives. Will this mean a change in perception of what we wear and how we wear it?

Fashion is a brilliant creative force and constant change is thrilling but how can this be balanced with endless waste? Can the two be combined? Can fast fashion get a planetary consciousness? Can it also pay its workers properly? And are we prepared to pay more for it! Can you feel sexy and smart and fresh and new without junking the planet?



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