Will Liam Gallagher become a judge on X Factor?The rumours are flying on the Internet which means they must be true, sort of.


The talk is that Liam Gallagher has been asked to be a judge on the X Factor.


Last year they asked Noel who turned them down. It would have been funny but ultimately futile- an artist has to go beyond showbiz and we believe that Liam should not do this. He would be great value for money and very entertaining but they would be setting him up as the sneering northerner when he is afar less one dimensional character than that…we believe that it’s time for the real Liam to stand up- the artist and not the rock n roll star. So fuck you Simon Cowell and your desperate gimmicks.


What do you reckon? Should Liam do it? Or should he do his own music or just give Noel a ring?

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  1. I’m pretty sure the line-up for the coming series has already been confirmed? And surely this program doesn’t have much more longevity.

  2. He’d be caricatured; no doubt the tabloids, egged-on by ratings-chasing SyCo, would be frothing with invented salacious gossip and intent on delivering a Saturday night car-crash. Terrible consequences.

    He’s got a new album out. Of course he should do it.


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