will festivals of the future need bands?The modern music festival is a fast moving beast and changes come thick and fast to turn it into the audio visual wipe out demanded by the new young audience.

In them olden days the band was key focal point of the festival- this was a place to come and see bands and sit in awe at their electric wonder. Fast forward to the 21st century and the festival in packed full of fun fares and food and drink stalls and so many distractions and competing medias that the bands are getting lost in the background of the digi-noise of modern life.

The audience are running around giddy with excitement of being in a field full of noise and fun that the music has almost become a background to their thrills- almost like a Ramones T shirt- you kinda know that it’s cool and something to do with music but not sure what.

In the future will festivals swerve the tricky musicians all together with their demands of payment and unpredictable sets. Will the festival still have all the noise but not the tiny ants on the main stage dealing it out – in short will the future festival not have bands at all and rely on on the high voltage lights and noise of hi tech to replace the human element?

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