Wilko Johnson says he is free from cancer as he collects awardWilko says he is free from cancer while picking up the Icon award at The Q Awards in London today.

Following an operation earlier this year, in which a 3kg tumor was removed, Wilko Johnson says his strength is now returning.

“At the moment I’m still recuperating, convalescing from my operation. When I first came home from hospital, even though I’d been there for a few weeks, man I was so thin. I’d lost all this weight and I’m thinking ‘oh man I’m never going to be able to do anything again.’ But the Doctor says just take it easy, your strength will come back. And that’s what’s happening now.”

On continuing to make music he said:

“Very soon I’m going to go into a rehearsal room with the band and see if I can remember how to do it.”

On winning the award and ask if he felt like an icon he joked:

“I do, I feel like a little flat square thing that sits on a computer screen”.

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