Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 12.05.37Wilko Johnson – How Online Ticket Resellers Are Trying To Profit From His Terminal Cancer.

Just when you thought the people behind online ticket touting agencies couldn’t get any lower they only come back and totally excel even themselves.

We’ve always suspected them to be completely devoid of any sense of a moral conscience but I don’t think even we realised quite how low they could stoop.

Remember how we ran the story about Wilko Johnson having been diagnosed with cancer recently but how he’d heroically refuse treatment & had vowed to carry on touring? Tickets for those dates (which we ran a news item on here) went on sale last week & not surprisingly sold out very quickly. When i say “not surprisingly” you’re probably all thinking “not surprisingly” because he’s a hero to a lot of people who’ll be desperate to see him one last time so they can wave goodbye to a man who meant a lot to them & who they love. Well yes, that IS what I meant at first. Then a couple of days ago a story broke which informed us that the people who’d been buying those tickets weren’t fans at all but rather they were ticket touts after scoring a quick buck off the back of a terminally ill musician & his distraught friends & fans.

The first place to break the news was the historic Wolverhampton Robin 2 where tickets had been on sale for £17.50 and which can now be found of one of these disreputable sites for (wait for it) £169.59. A spokesperson at the venue said “The lack of conscience in these touts really does sicken us”, as indeed it would any right thinking person. We’re talking about the dregs of society here really aren’t we?

I know that The Fleece in Bristol have said that if anyone’s intending to profit similarly from sale of tickets for Wilko’s gig & if they have an attack of the moral conscience they’ll happily anonymously reimburse them for the tickets & re-allocate them to true fans of Wilko’s at face value. I’m guessing other venues on the tour will do likewise.

This of course brings us back to an issue close to our hearts. You’ll remember Louder Than War’s Keith Keith Goldhanger wrote a feature on these online ticket touts last year:

Ticket scandal (or how do ticket resellers get away with it?)

It highlighted how immoral these places were & questioned how they can keep on getting away with it? Surely it must now be time something’s done about this once & for all?

What are your thoughts on this matter?

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  1. I’ve been messaging ebay sellers asking the following questions…”If bought in error as stated why not sell at face value”? & “Are you donating any profits to a cancer charity in Wilko’s name”? Feel free to do the same folks!!

  2. FACE VALUE that’s the mantra. Buyer power – NEVER buy over face value and the touts will starve. It’s in our hands.

  3. I would like to know where Viagogo have got these tickets from. Are they from people who have “changed their minds” about going OR have they got them from the promoters ? These are simple questions still NOT being answered by these companies.

  4. What’s that Government website where you can launch a proposal for a Act of Parliament. Why not kickstart something on there? Although knowing those cunts, they’ll just see this scam as market enterprise.

  5. Could we all start bidding silly prices for these tickets and then just not pay for them ? It’s just as unfair and mean spirited as the seller.

  6. For those touting on eBay, do what I do – have an anonymous eBay account and use auction sniper or similar set to a ridiculous high limit to outbid all others, and then mail then after the auction ends and call the seller a parasite c**t. Repeat if necessary. Works a treat. F*****g scum.


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