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Wildwood Kin

Exeter Lost Weekend (at Exeter Cathedral)

Oct 2017

Live Review

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Lost Weekend festival is a new Exeter event that in it’s first year saw packed venues and panels in hugely successful launch that brought in outside names like Public Service Broadcasting but also put the spotlight on a thriving local scene.

Wildwood Kin are yet another example of this enthralling local scene. Tonight is a very special show for them as they take the stage to the backdrop of Exeter Cathedral – one of the biggest and grandest Cathedrals in the UK. The grand setting suits them perfectly and even their giggly nerves between the songs have a perfect charm to them before they recast another spell of magic with their exquisite and haunting harmonies that were the backbone of their recent Turning Tides album.

The three woman core of the band line up at the front and let their perfect voices weave magical spells whilst one of them plays her stand up drum kit. The songs are full of perfect melody and the music casts a spell that has entranced many.

Every song sounds like it could be huge and yet retains a fragile beauty of its own. They may have a commercial edge but it has not tainted their originality or the quicksilver brilliance of their voices and melodies. Creating a unique and beautiful atmosphere in the huge cathedral this concert is truly magical and the breakthrough gig by local heroes who are going to have to get used to this new grandeur.


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