Why So Called Nu Metal Was Not As Bad As The Nme Makes OutRock and the mainstream media just don’t mix do they?

Apart from Pitchfork and the Quietus and, of course, the metal press rock music is treated with disdain or ignored all together by the terrified hipsters whose music taste is dictated by lists of what you are meant to listen to and to what feels fashionable.

This week there have been a series of quite bizarre pieces in the NME this week about its disdain for nu metal and whilst, in the cases of some of the bands, that’s like shooting fish in a barrel there have been other cases where at the best ignorance of the musical genre and music in general have been displayed to a breath taking degree.

One blog went to great detail to claim that the sexist content of bands like System Of A Down were one of the reasons for the genre being naff…System Of A Down sexist? which bit ? where? it’s one thing to dislike a musical genre..it’s another to make up ‘facts’ about it.

And were System Of A Down even nu metal and were Deftones- another band that comes under attack nu metal either? the NME rants away about the way the bands dressed- it was all blood and gore and baseball shirts apparently and the band’s names are a bit silly and the music is too loud and you can’t hear the words etc or something.

But at least the Strokes came along and saved rock n roll or rock or something they claim- this is their bizarre summary of the era, still lost in the silly myth that the Strokes somehow changed rock music with their chubby boy band dressed in indie clothes handed to them by a designer whilst they played watered down indie rock with hits written for them by their parents and angry songs about finishing school was somehow a big deal worldwide when in real terms the so called nu metal bands were the ones selling out stadium gigs and influencing young musicians worldwide and not just in Hoxton whilst making a music that was least original.

It really is time for these hipsters to wake up to what’s really happening out there and stop writing the musical narrative that, somehow they seem to own, or we will be cursed with the Mercury Awards for ever…

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  1. Totally agree.
    While I was never really a ‘nu-metal’ fan, I always enjoyed the big chart singles that came out of that scene. How much of the rest of it stands up now I wouldn’t know. But what I do know is that during the same era I was really into Big Beat and it’s attendant small-scale hip-hop/baggy revivals (Skint Records, Chemical Brothers, Regular Fries, etc) – and I’ve always resented the NME’s attempt to paint the immediate pre-Strokes era as a wasteland. It suits the NME to present that narrative of course, because they were hugely influential in making The Strokes the Next Big Thing – so when they talk about The Stroke’s success, they’re actually humble-bragging about their own success as king-makers. And the NME does better when it has a big white indie-rock scene to talk about, because that’s the stuff that fits their brand best – so naturally they have no fond memories of Nu Metal, or Big Beat. As a slight aside, despite their disdain for the late 90s, I always thought the NME was a more interesting paper when – lacking good white indie rock to write about – they were forced to be eclectic in their coverage. One week it’d be Slipknot on the cover, the next week Missy Elliott, the next week Godspeed You Black Emperor. For my money, this makes for a far more interesting ‘new music’ paper than a succesion of four pasty kids with guitars. I liked The Strokes plenty, and loved the White Stripes and the Detroit garage scene – but it’s a lazy distortion to claim that everything that came immediately before them was worthless.

  2. I wouldn’t necessarily describe SOAD as nu-metal but see a connection, great band nonetheless. However ‘nu-metal’ was largely diabolical – Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Papa Roach ad infinitum. This is not a defence of the NME by the way which is a wholly awful entity nowadays .

  3. This is probably one of the most incoherently written articles i’ve ever read. Were you drunk at your laptop after a Friday night out when this came to your mind?

  4. Don’t forget Pop Matters, they have excellent metal coverage. Most of the bands I listen to are variations of metal and stoner/doom/psych, but while Deftones are okay, I’d take the Strokes over any of those other douchey nu metal bands. There’s no crying in metal!


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