Why have Facebook banned skinheads Facebook pages?Another bizarre day in bizarre times.

Today Facebook took down the pages of everyone who was deemed to be a skinhead. How they managed to work who was a skinhead with most middle aged men having no hair is one moot point but the other is this carte blanche assumption that all skinheads are racist. Including Neville Staple – who also had his account taken down.

For every right wing skinhead there are thousands of others who celebrate the West Indian roots of their style, music and culture. Most are apolitical and some are of the left. Actions like this make no sense at all and leave the real poison in society untethered.


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Award winning journalist and boss of Louder Than War. In a 30 year music writing career, John was the first to write about bands such as Stone Roses and Nirvana and has several best selling music books to his name. He constantly tours the world with Goldblade and the Membranes playing gigs or doing spoken word and speaking at music conferences.


  1. Last night my account was removed I’m.a 55 year old punk who also likes ska and Oi .I’ve now learnt have of my scooterist friends have also been removed. Liking ska doesn’t make you a racist. What’s going on? I’m more gutted to lose all my photos of my Dad who’s passed away and my wedding photos I just hope fb can sort it out

  2. Loud and proud ! It’s a way of life I’ve always been judged by the way I dress since the early eighties with the revival and I’m still the same today proud to be a skin.

  3. Erm not exclusive to men! I was banned as I have a skinhead picture when I had my head shaved for charity!

  4. It’s not just skinhead pages they’ve been disabling, it’s punk, anarcho-punk, scooter, hardcore, Celtic music fans as well. Seems totally indiscriminate and totalitarian.

  5. I agree John, there does seem to be a mass censorship going on at the moment in social media, one that doesn’t respond to any subtle nuances, or is given a chance too before for further intelligent debate, The song Skinhead moonstomp and the appropriation of the accompanying style is a strange physiological enigma to me. Brilliant song by the way, I think its the right wing response to the BLM protests that they are discouraging and rightly so, but a blanket ban is not good either!

  6. “Right Wing Skinheads” !!! You do realise there is no such thing don’t you !!!

    The very definition and ethos of “Skinhead” is to be Anti-Racist. Only those who are completely ignorant to the actual definition of the word/ term such as much of the mainstream media (mainly American) and right wing Neo Nazi Racists who are thicker that two short planks and try to call themselves “Skinheads” and make fools of themselves in the process, use the term “Skinhead/s” to attempt to describe racists and look rather foolish in the process.

    It’s time some people actually learned the definitions of words they use BEFORE they use them or stop using words/ terms they clearly do not even understand.

    • Unfortunately that kind of “no true Scotsman” argument doesn’t really fit the reality. While the original skinheads may well have been anti-racist, during the 70’s and 80’s skinhead sadly became almost synonymous with neo-Nazi racism and violence. (With honourable exceptions such as the Ladbroke Grove Skins).

    • You actually know very little my friend, the original skins werent the pleasant, friendly types you think you know of. They certainly weren’t politically correct, they were of the times, they held selective racial prejudices, definitely a tad homophobic, if you were a hippy then it was gonna get ugly and rival football fans guaranteed aggro. So, to suggest they were well behaved, well mannered peaceful types, is total and utter bollocks. Oi! Oi! And for clarification have a listen to Claudette and Corporation ‘Skinhead A Bash Them’ an original Skinhead Reggae tune. As previously stated, they were of the times.

  7. CRAZY stuff !!! Was suspended this morning and told there was a “security” issue. In order for them to look into the matter, I had to prove ID by sending a photo of my passport, bank statement or drivers license. Sent my DL. Got re-instated this evening.
    BTW John Robb, GREAT set at the Alt Weekend in Feb. Got some good video of you on my YouTube. Check it on Gavin Taylor 66

    • Thanks Gavin – it’s so dumb – and misses the point and the real bad shit thats out there. They really are clueless. Thanks about the Feb gig – seems like years ago now! we have booked a few festivals for 2021 so hopefully they will happen and we can all see eachother again! off to your youtube now!

  8. I had mine banned I’m a ska loving skinhead girl with friends of all races and Facebook are wrong and prejudiced

  9. It happens when every one accuses every thing and person of being racist , it gives some very zealous people an excuse to carrying out their own strange agendas at facebook and else where. Recently people who put up St Goerges images on St Georges day ( not racist images) got facebook jail for a week !!! . Just one weirdo working at Facebook i guess , we live in strange times

  10. Perhaps…
    1) Facebook gets tip-off from Security Services in the US that white supremacists (who happen to be associated with the punk/skinhead scene) are using FB to plan a specific act of violence (which may include shootings/bombings etc) in the US.
    2) Facebook (using its robots) hurriedly removes the subjects of the tip-off and any ‘friends’ – perhaps also ‘friends of friends’ – to prevent further planning and save themselves (FB) from prosecution/litigation.
    3) After further investigations Facebook reinstates those it finds *not* implicated in the plot.
    1) Facebook gets a tip-off from Security Services in the US that white-supremacists have been using an innocent punk/skin page as cover to plan a specific act of violence which may include shootings/bombings etc…
    2) Facebook removes all members of that group to prevent etc….
    3) After further investigations Facebook reinstates those *not* implicated in the plot.

    Seems reasonable. Replace ‘white supremacists’ with ‘paedophile network’ and most of us would also want the same to happen.
    Zuckerbook is an a*sehole but Facebook is constantly either under attack from hackers/trolls etc or at risk of being used/abused by them. Facebook has 2.6 BILLION monthly users. It’s surprising there isn’t more of this kind of thing tbh.

    • I just posted on mad chat and with in 30 minutes i was shut down if this is not fascism at work then I’m the missing link


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