Why Grimes new industrial flavoured song is single of the year

In a year of great music – perhaps one of the best ever year’s for music we have one very late entry for single of the year. Grimes has stormed back on the scene with a slice of dark future pop that is brilliantly stained by the dark DNA of Nine Inch Nails in a supreme piece of industrial Goth rise of the robots pop.

We love it when pop intersects with the underground – especially when it is as good as this!

A song about AI, robots and the sexx-future this is a brilliant slice of heavy pop and proof that the charts can also be the frontline of cutting-edge culture when they want to be – great work Grimes – single of the year!

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  1. I feel like I’ve missed out on something. What’s so great about 2018 musically?

    Grimes’ song is not bad, though.

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