Louder Than War Footer LogoIt’s baffled us a long time why some venues take a cut of the merch sales from bands.

This is something that needs to be changed.

There is no law and no legislation about this and it seems like daylight robbery.

Far from being a huge money-making machine for most bands, touring is at best break-even and at worst a loss-maker. Selling merch plugs those gaps and keeps bands on the road.

So why do some venues take up to 25 per cent of the sales? we have seen so many daft scenarios from a member of the venue’s staff standing there with a clipboard writing down the sales to members of the venue being the only people who can stand by the merch and the band are banished from their own merch tables. Of course, the disinterested staff have no idea of what the band are and don’t care what they sell and then deduct the 25 per cent at the end.

So why do they do this? why can’t bands take 25 per cent of the bar take? it feels like just another slice of a very very small pie and the bands, as ever, being punished in the pocket.

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