Tragedy! why are the Bee gees not recognised as great songwriters
Tragedy! why are the Bee gees not recognised as great songwriters

Tragedy! why  are the Bee gees not recognised as great songwriters
Tragedy! why are the Bee gees not recognised as great songwriters
For years the only public champion of the Bee Gees were the Gallagher brothers who constantly sang the praises of their Mancunian forefathers. Oddly the Gibb brothers despite all their wealth and fame have never been recognised as great songwriters but as our top 10 Bee Gees songs shows here there are many great songs in their canyon and further exploration of their back catalogue shows many, many more classic.

Somehow they have been mistakingly marked down as fluffy haired, naff troubadours, the medallion men of pop. In the rush to push them aside a huge catalogue of great songs has been overlooked.

Their sixties albums are full of great, lost gems- psychedelic tinged pop masterpieces complete with brilliant harmonies and quicksilver melodies that are the equal of their heroes the Beatles. Songs full of imaginative twists and turns and great ideas and with that whiff of tripiness that marks all the best pop of the period.

They may have got lost bait in the early seventies but when they relocated to LA on the advice of Eric Clapton and entered their disco period they made a musical move as revolutionary as any the Beatles did. They not only attached a disco beat to their songs, they totally occupied the form and rewrote the rules making some of the most perfect pop records of the period that really stand the test of time.

Their falsettos and medallion man videos became comic staples but the high singing sounds quite incredible now and is the equal of anything the Beach Boys did. Somehow Brian Wilson is hailed as a genius and the Bee gees are not- this is confusing and its time that their music was re-evaluated.


  1. Can’t help but agree – the “Saturday Night Fever” stuff has worked against them, must be more a credibility thing than talent as their 60s recordings are a joy to behold.

  2. I think it is a bit of an odd argument to suggest that the Bee Gees are not recognised as great songwriters. They won more Ivor Novellos than you can shake a stick at, and are widely known not only for their own hits but hits performed by other artists: Islands In The Stream, Chain Reaction etc. Robin Gibb was president of the International Confederation of Authors\’ and Composers\’ Societies.

    It’s possible that the alternative/ punk crowd regard them as a bit mainstream and naff, but maybe that’s inevitable: maybe they are.

    Personally I’m not a fan, but I’d have thought that in terms of recognition for their achievements and being remembered, their place in popular music history was assured.


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