Who would have won the Mercury Music prize in 1977?
who would have won the Mercury Music prize in 1977?

1977 was the year of punk and the year of disco- plenty of options for the Mercury Awards…if they could go back in time.

What would have passed for coffee table music at the time? was there such a thing as the chattering classes then? was pop music still a bit risque in those days- I can’t quite remember! did people who wrote for Sunday papers concern themselves with silly pop music? but if they did and the Mercury Awards had been around at the time who would have won or who would have been nominated?

Somehow, though, you get the feeling that the Sex Pistols would’t have been allowed in and that the second best selling punk/new wave band of the year the Stranglers would definitely not been allowed in. Other bands from punk who sold far fewer records like the Clash may have sneaked in because they were already popular with the media even if they didn’t sell nearly as many records as the other two previously mentioned punk bands.

1977 was the year of Abba, David Soul, ELO, Fleetwoord Mac and the Eagles…so who would have been on the Mercury list in 1977? which British bands would have been selected and who do you think would have won?

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  1. You seem to be forgetting that as recently as 2007 the award was won by The Klaxons, a bunch of young openly drug-addled nutters making “nu-rave” music few people over the age of 25 could connect with and which had never at the time featured on mainstream TV or radio. They accepted their award slurring everywhere and completely off their faces. I am not passing judgement on their music or behaviour, simply pointing out that just because this year’s list was quite “safe” doesn’t mean it would always have been so.

    FWIW Abba and the Eagles aren’t British, so they would not have been eligible anyway.

  2. What about 1986/7?
    Let’s assume The Smiths would have won with the Queen is Dead but which band with band member is there 40’s and 50’s would have made the shortlist?

    The Rolling Stones Dirty Work was released in 86, won a Grammy but was it good enough for the Mercury’s?

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