Who will support The Stone Roses

The gigs have sold out on The Stone Roses name alone but now the attention turns to the support bands.

There is a strong rumour going round that The Vaccines may be doing the gig but they didn’t know much about this, there is talk of reggae, we think lots of new bands would cool, why not Dirty North, the band that Reni mentioned or Frazer King or Deadbeat Echoes and all the great new young bands in town.

A Louder Than War poll for who should be supporting is on the main page of the site. Early front runners in the fan’s choice of support are Inspiral Carpets and Primal Scream… please vote, it will be interesting to see what you think…

The tickets sold out fast, the fastest in pop history and of course eBay is flooded with inflated ticket prices. Fans are not happy but a Facebook page has been set up to deal with ticket swops and ways of selling on your ticket at face value if you want to be ethical about it!.

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Award winning journalist and boss of Louder Than War. In a 30 year music writing career, John was the first to write about bands such as Stone Roses and Nirvana and has several best selling music books to his name. He constantly tours the world with Goldblade and the Membranes playing gigs or doing spoken word and speaking at music conferences.


  1. Long shot but I would like to see the Brian Jonestown Massacre support them, i’d be a bit disappointed by the vaccines, the rest in the poll…charlatans, beady eye, ryder ect, are a bit too obvious. shame there’s no decent british bands coming through anymore.

  2. Exit Calm. There’s an epic new British band for you. It would be nice to see Noel Gallagher and The Charlatans up there as well though.

  3. Tackhead/On-U Sound System/Adrian Sherwood – be like Spike Island all over again…

    On-U Sound are back so be great to see them in the live arena again.

  4. Definitely got to be The Janice Graham Band. One of the best bands around, amazing live (and I’ve seen them loads), original, exciting, the dogs b*ll*cks! Looking forward to the album – heard through the grapevine it’s a bit special. Think they’d be perfect support for The Stone Roses

  5. Well none of those listed thanks – instead:

    I) a reformed Chameleons ; or
    Ii) Lissie; or
    Iii) The Heavvy; or
    Iv) The Pierces.

  6. Gotta be The Janice Graham band. These guys will smash it with there awesome tunes!!! They wanna get away with murder!!!

  7. Some young blood please ! The Janice Graham Band seems obvious. If not The Buggles, I saw they were reforming too. Cheers.

  8. I would hope the band pick the support themselves as I would expect them to avoid an obvious nostalgiafest. I would think they would more likey go with some modern electronic or Hip Hop groups. However, if it’s down to promoters we can be certain it will be a similarly dull bill to the Oasis Knobworth gigs. I’m hoping they give Frazer King a shot.

  9. I think it’s a prime opportunity to raise the profile of an up and coming band, having worked with deadbeat echoes in the studio and also seeing them live on more than one occasion, I’d love for them to get the slot. They deserve to be seen by people, amazing band, recorded and especially in a live situation. Check em out

  10. The Tapestry. Can’t believe these haven’t been mentioned yet. Got to be the best band in manchester right now, they are impossible to ignore

  11. Puressence.should Finally get them the exposure
    they deserve.Hard working Manchester band and they’re
    good mates with mani too

  12. I would love to see Suzuki Method up there. Great new Manc band with some good reviews behind them already. Would also like to see Detroit Social Club and Exit Calm on the bill.

  13. I think The Roses re-union is a great thing, but some of the rubbish about supports on this thread is way of the mark.

    Dirty North are better by a mile than most mentioned on here and very real and not ” middle class ” or ” student-y types “.

    The last time the Madchester scene kicked in we had a few good bands and a lot of bandwagon jumpers.

    The thing that is the worst is reading utter rubbish when the truth is, it will have been sorted already and be well and truly fixed.

    As in who you know.

    For what it is worth, my northwest 6 choices are

    Lad bands – Dirty North, Fraser King, V Thirteen and for the girls Jessie Rose, Girl Peculiar, Ruby Anne Patterson.

    I have heard it will be The Courteeners, disaster if its true!


  15. For a massive Manchester gig we need some true Manc
    Supports ! Dirty North of wythenshawe would be perfect – massive local following !

  16. Has to be Janice Graham Band.. Manchester’s future should be present while we all bask in Manchester’s past.

  17. its got to be JANICE GRAHAM BAND to support. An ace manchester band with a good following… I think give the young lads and manchesters muscial future a cracking start.

  18. Got to be the Janice Graham Band! totally agree with above comments on this… amazing band – give them the chance – they will nail it!

  19. Its got to be Dirty North. after being mentioned in the conference as a great band if they don’t get the support slot it’d be terrible shame, it could launch them as a band and give them the attention they so truly deserve.

  20. My fantasy line up for support would included Happy Mondays, Inspiral Carpets, plus brief two songs and off from the likes of Northen Uproar, Northside and The Farm.

    I totally love The Vaccines, Funeral Party and Cults but I really can not see it being any of them.

    I think it is more likely to be Kid British, Wu Lyf and Dirty North since they did get the press conference shout out – I’d throw in some none locals into the mix too The Drums, Sharks and Ringo Deathstarr for example.

  21. I have to agree, The Janice Graham Band are a sensational new band that need to cross over – I want to hear that trumpet spilling out across 75,000 people!

    The Carpets – only with TOM HINGLEY – would complete a perfect and emotional ‘Madchester 1990’ revival.

  22. Definately Janice Graham Band. They would get the crowd going whilst showcasing CURRENT and up and coming Manchester talent that doesn’t sound like yet another indie guitar band…

    Ian Brown said he wanted to do the reunion now, because the time is right, in light of broken governments and society etc and hoped to ‘uplift’ people’s spirits. There isn’t a better band than the JGB for this.

    That is all.

  23. it has to be Dirty North for me !!!
    Wicked sound & they’re top lads. I’ll be upset if I don’t get to see them support stone roses, especially after their mention in the conference !!

  24. support for the roses ??? not the charlies they were and still are second rate pretenders. maybe the sun and the moon, toots and the maytals, forget mondays,new order , the farm????? wot are you on ?you may aswell get the soup dragons if you have the farm (lol). the the, massive attack,that petrol emotion,lee scratch perry,inspiral carpets isnt such a bad idea, but must have noel as roadie (he needs a job going by the sound of his new material).

    • On nothing these days ~ but you have too have someone like The Farm – because if you don’t have something that is just background noise when are you going to get a brew in or pop off for a pee?

      Thinking it over now I guess there’ll be several DJ slots so your right the level of support needs to be much much much higher than The Farm level.

  25. If they are a bit stuck for a support ask them to drop me a line. It’s quite a long way off so I dunno what I’m doing on that weekend, but it should be ok if they cover the cost of petrol and a few pints for the band.

  26. Haham Bhundu Boys up there!Get in

    Strangly enough though i cant see them (and most of these bands on this list to be honest) plugging this opinion pole on facebook desperatly! Just an observation.

  27. who better than noel gallaghers high flying birds then beady eye then the mighty roses i aint got tickets for these gigs yet as i’ll get noels high flying birds out the way tommorow but mark my word i will be there oasis at the same venue was the best day of my life so the roses will be magiacal

  28. It’ll be the bloody courteeners just you watch. The gig has been put together by SJM, who manage courteeners.

    I’d love to see Dirty North or some other new band get it but I’d be suprised.

    Since the inspirals have just reformed they could be in with a shout too, their guitarist also works at SJM funnily enough.

    • @bodgerthebadger

      I’d bet my trendy haircut on it being Courteeners, i’ve heard Roses are being managed by Simon Moran AND Conrad Murray, no suprises who will be main Support there then, its an early start though (3.30) so hopefully room for some of the smaller fish who have been grafting shitty venues for the last few years such as Dirty North and Frazer King etc will be rewarded with a little stage time.

  29. We just listened to most and we think,Janice Graham band? not bad,need songs. Dirty North? Punky,In with a shout. Kid British? Past sell buy date. Frazer King? In with a shout. Wu Lyf? really hope not (buy on) The Drums? Why?. The Vaccines? Good chance.Deadbeat Echoes?Bit like a manc cover band. New Order? with Hooky its a maybe. Puressence? Really doubt it. Inspiral Carpets? Good band and in the studio. Shaun Ryder? Jumped too early.Girl Peculiar? good opener. Jesse Rose? very good shout. The Charlatans? Out of their league. Exit Calm? Wrong gig.Ruby Anne Patterson?good opener, Northside/V thirteen? Why not.the the, massive attack,that petrol emotion,lee scratch perry,? no chance .Brian Jonestown Massacre? Cannot see it.There are a lot of bands that are not from Manchester not on here that are as good if not better,the list on the other page is out of touch.
    TBH It has sold out, so it will be a buy on, although a real Manc X factor / battle of the bands/and or bank accounts phone in type competition may solve it?

    Who decides?

    Seeing as they have made sooooooo much money already , why not give us a real treat and bring a huge band over to play?

    We will be there on Friday ONE LOVE

  30. Janice Graham band would be a great support, you need a band to get the crowd going these guys will blow their minds. Amazing Band

  31. The Clone Roses HA!

    Nah honestly my vote goes to Jabice Graham Band! Great music, crackin live atmos and the lads are kool aswell

  32. Definietly should be a couple of upcoming Manchester bands on the bill rather than old manchester bands.

    The best live bands kicking around Manchester at the moment are THE TAPESTRY and JGB. Both bring a real party atmosphere to their gigs and what a better place to bring it.

  33. Janice Graham are not good enough.. yet..

    The Foo Fighters or a Floyd tribute band would be more entertaining.
    Shaun Ryder supported one, Aussie Floyd this summer at Chester Rocks and they went down great just before The Stooges
    Think The Rolling Stones size event, hope the roses pull it off.

  34. My personal vote goes for Frazer King, one of the most exciting live bands ive seen in a long, long time. What we dont need is the dull monotony of the Couteeners.

  35. Janice Graham Band need to be there. Absolute quality band with lots of potential. This would put them out there like they deserve to be!

  36. Frazer King, has to be really. Anyone whos seen them will know its only right. Dirty North aswel. Fuck it, Frazer King, Dirty North and Janice Graham, spread on all three days. Either that or the Manchester blues of Jim Adama! :P



    These rascals represent everything that is brilliant about the Manchester music scene. They can captivate an audience within seconds and leave you eagerly awaiting your next encounter with them…. above all, bloody nice lads.

    Imagine Carnival being played to 75,000 – i can!!!

  39. ME.

    I might even make fake an internet campaign & get all my mates to vote.
    Or post in forums under a blag name, that’ll deffo work…

    In all seriousness I hope the Roses choose their own support acts whoever that might be.

  40. Puressence , nearly 20 years of writing and performing fantastic music, give them the break that they deserve.
    Go failsworth

  41. For me, you’ve got to get some of the up and coming bands from the North to support the music scene up here.

    Dirty North would be an obvious choice, but I’d steer clear of the older end of the market. If the Roses are serious about a new album, they have to keep the line up current for me.

    A few bands that spring to mind are:

    Gypsy Toes
    Velcro Teddybears
    Violet May
    Ghosting Season
    The Screening
    Modern Faces

    Book all those and Dirty North and you’ll have some of the best new bands in the country supporting the Roses

    • beadyeye, sterio mc’s and 808 state in that order for fri night would be quality. Would be well warmed up by the time the roses come on ACEEEEEEEEEEEd

  42. get The Peeks , the stone roses are one of there main influences , give them a listen on httpss://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Peeks/150484508345745 . there from Blackburn but have just moved to Manchester to promote the band even further. there supporting the clone roses on the 19th of November at king Georges hall so for them to support the stone roses will be magic.

  43. Purressence deserve it the most, and they are excellent. However, I think the Jessie Rose Trip would work well. It should certainly be an upcoming Manchester band though.

    I’ll have to look up Janice Graham and Sulk, don’t know them.

    Courteeners, Tapestry, bands like that would be fine but Jessie Rose would be just different enough to offset the Roses I think.

    Puresssence are just so polished and good that they would fill the space well. But I would want them to get the attention they deserve.

  44. Just found SULK as a result of those who mentioned them. Cheers to all. Wishes and Back In Bloom sound mammoth.

    Don’t care much for any of the other bands, but Exit Calm are brilliant.

  45. I think DOVES would smash it.

    I’d far prefer Noel Gallagher’s HFB’s to Beady Eye.

    Maybe John will get the SEAHORSES back together for the day that’s in it.

  46. Lets hope it all actually goes ahead and nothing untoward happens between now and then. Hope the support bands are not obvious, such as Charlatans, Happy Mondays etc. Although Inspiral Carpets are my favourite band ever so they would be welcome.
    Friendly Fires, Reverend And The Makers, Hard-Fi would all be good.
    For a bit of a change though, Muse, Coldplay, U2, New Order, Moby would all be good on the undercard.

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