Who will support The Stone Roses?

Stone Roses live dates 2016 posterThe Stone Roses have announced a return to the live scene with 4 dates at Manchester’s Etihad next June as well as a headline slot at T in the Park. 

The question everyone is asking is will there be a new album or will these dates see the band revisit their classic material once more? With the rumour mill in overdrive ahead of tonight’s announcement we bet we won’t get a definite answer on that immediately but will be kept guessing a little longer.

And while we’re speculating on new material we’re also thinking about who will join the Roses as support on their Manchester dates?

Their 2012 comeback tour had them bring a selection of supports across Europe and to their homecoming gigs at Heaton Park including The Justice Band, Primal Scream, The Vaccines, Plan B, The Wailers and Beady Eye.

Playing Finsbury Park in 2013 the band again had a great selection of support for their headline dates – PiL, Rudimental, Dizzee Rascal, Johnny Marr and Miles Kane.

We’re expecting an equally eclectic mix of bands to be announced for the 2016 shows – although we might have to wait until early next year for confirmation of who will play.

It’s all speculation but with so much about The Stone Roses surrounded by secrecy we can’t help ourselves – we’re already thinking about who will share the stage at Etihad with them next summer.

There’s bound to be some artists of legendary status joining the bill – could we see the likes of Noel Gallagher or The Charlatans take to the stage – that seems too obvious really. Or Manchester favourite Liam Fray who was one of the first to tweet about the comeback play with his band The Courteeners again, after playing a London date with the Roses in 2013.

Hopefully there’ll be room for some newer or breakthrough acts too – Blossoms – they would have to be a really good bet, LIINES and PINS could all work – or a maybe a band with a massive fan base but constantly slipping to the left of the mainstream, Reverend and the Makers.

And once again we hope that the Roses will choose from supports across genres again – it would be great to see Kate Tempest or Grimes supporting. Or maybe a curveball like Public Enemy on the bill?

With the Roses it’s about expecting the unexpected – last time each memebr got to make a shortlist- could it be Evil Blizzard or the membranes or will Ian get Cockney Rejects on the bill or Mani plump for Slaughter And The Dogs…will there be space for Sleaford Mods (we would put money on that one), could Public Enemy get a look in?

There’s a long way to go between now and next summer and as The Stone Roses love to surprise us all we expect the supports for these dates will be just another thing to keep us guessing along the way.

Who do you think will join The Stone Roses at Etihad in Manchester next June? Leave us a comment below or join the discussion on Facebook or Twitter

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43 comments on “Who will support The Stone Roses?”

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  1. Evil Blizzard and The Membranes would do for me.

  2. The Strypes

  3. Super Fast Girlie Show

  4. Sleaford Mods & Cockney Rejects. That would probably be the end of me.

  5. The boys should give their home town a big shout by letting Manc faves The Moods play support.

  6. Money grabbing greedy bastards.
    No longer artists.

  7. I agree with Porlb.

  8. Arnold Muhren's Left Boot

    Have to say I was like a kid at Xmas when I saw all the lemons plastered around town…. I thought it would be a new album and changing peoples’ Christmas (a la 1994), But all that hype for two gigs (and two gigs there, of all places!)? It’s a bit disappointing.
    Whoever said ‘It will probably be some gig in Manchester, for which you will have to sell a family member to get in.’ was spot on.

  9. Black Grape

  10. Slaughter and The Dogs

  11. …don’t let any stage jumping headline grabbing Gallagher in on it. Christ! the embarrassment!

  12. Should it be WHAT will support the Stone Roses?
    a) four zimmer frames…
    b) support tights under baggy jeans
    c) dancing dwarves under each elbow, (then they go off and dance around a miniature Stonehenge model .. left of the stage)
    d) slathering forelock tugging dino’s with guitars.

  13. October Drift

  14. What about Cupids?

  15. The support should be an album.
    Nothing less.

  16. Wouldn’t it be double thumbs if ABBA turned up!!!!!

  17. I hope it’s happy Mondays and charlatans that would be good

  18. Catfish and the Bottlemen

  19. Chris Helme
    Black Grape
    New Order

  20. Backhanders, good local band!!

  21. Catfish & The Bottlemen, a Seahorses one off, Doves and Happy Mondays. Now there’s 4 shows there is likely to be elation and deflation in equal measures depending on what night one attends.

  22. The perfect gig lineup for me would be Jake Bugg, the courteeners, Noal G and then the roses.

  23. New rising indie Manchester band black sonic revolver would be great , give young lads from Manchester a chance to support stone roses

  24. To the people complaining about ticket prices….If you cant spare £65 to go and see one of your favourite bands then they cant be one of your favorite bands can they ?!

    As for who id like to see turn up and play support, for me im a dreamer who still belives that one day Oasis will surprise us all and turn up to something like this and blow us all away. But thats just me. If im being realistic then Catfish and the Bottlemen would be sound

  25. There’s heavy rumours that Inder Goldfinger’s band ‘The Winachi Tribe’ maybe supporting?

  26. Please…………..


  27. Richard Ashcroft, The Libertines, The Specials, Selector, Steel Pulse….

  28. Harlem Spirit, Michael Head,Primal Scream.

  29. The Coral, Kula Shaker and Alias Kid would be pretty cool.

  30. Am i the only one that thinks Oasis

  31. Shed Seven , brilliant live band

  32. Shane Jacko ov grimsby

    Paul weller ,faithless,the twang , the enemy ,happymondays ,artic monkeys ,libertines, new order ,any ov these wud b really grateful c u in June haha

  33. primal scream,and the charlatans,ave it.

  34. Somewhat unrelated but has anyone got any idea or best guess as to when the gig will finish? Looking to book transport soon and cant find it on the websites etc, many thanks.

    As for who will support I would love to see Noel Gallagher.

  35. Noel Gallagher, new order, jake bugg, courteeners, DIRTY STERLING, sleaford mods, the enemy or twang any would be great

  36. Any news on who will be the supporting acts 15 th june

  37. The Enemy could be… Just think they have announced they are splitting up and a perfect send off would be supporting legends.
    I also love the enemy so would be so happy if this happened.

  38. Mr In The Know

    Public Enemy and The Courteeners every night plus one of The Coral, Paul Heaton, Reverend And The Makers and Audioweb…

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