The army has been called up.

The tickets cost a fortune and you get to watch sports you never cared existed whilst you are only allowed to eat Muckdonalads. Your food has been confiscated off you at the gate as you are shuffled into your seat.

A baker has been busted for baking the Olympic symbol out of dough- the only dough that is allowed is for McDonalds and Coca Cola-those famous keep fit brands…

We used to be told that the Olympics was about the ‘taking part’ but now it seems to be a big corporate jolly, even the 5 rings logo is copyrighted and no-one can use it- doesn’t look like much fun does it!

Who gives a fuck about the Olympics?

Welcome to the corporate sports.

A recent series of opinion polls shows mass disinterest in the Olympics, oddly the local news is going crazy plugging the Olympics- do you care? are you interested? comments please…

Once they were war turned into sport as naked Greeks from various city states fought it out in variety of sports like boxing, wrestling, the very bloody pankration (regulated full-contact fighting, similar to today’s mixed martial arts), chariot racing, and several other running events (the diaulos, hippios, dolichos, and hoplitodromos), as well as a pentathlon, consisting of wrestling, stadion, long jump, javelin throw, and discus.

It was a political event and the stakes were high.

In the 21st century no-one is naked and the sports are less bloody (bring back chariot racing and the pankration!) but there is still a political undertow to the whole event. It’s a multi million pound event which is all about corporate back slapping and sports that no-one ever normally watches but will slump in front of the TV becoming sudden experts in the discus.

(and as for the logo for the ‘London’ games- the worst piece of corporate art ever…dismal)

There is some talk of the Olympic ideal but no-one seems to know what that is, or ever was. It was meant to be about taking part but how can that be when everyone has to represent their country? Can’t you just go and compete?

These days it seems to about taking loads of drugs to win at all costs with some of the rich countries perfecting the chemicals so no-one can spot them in their athletes, in some ways making them the perfect Guinea Pigs for science.

It’s hardly about ”Ëœjust taking part’, it’s the world’s geo politics played out in loads of sports that most people have no interest in.

The USA, who seem to always have the Olympics on their soil turning it into Disney Cola Olympics, are utterly determined to ”Ëœwin’ the medals table- hardly ”Ëœjust taking part’. At this level no-one seems to be that interested in ”Ëœjust taking part’ and treat the Olympics like world war 3 whilst China sees it as a stage to present their upcoming superpower status.

The 21st century eternal war is getting played out during the Javelin, ping pong and weird diving contests. In these milatarised times we are all living in Sparta!

The Olympics are full of sports you were forced to do at school. Tiny kids trying to lift a shot putt up or hurling javelins at eachother, what was the point of the high jump and the triple jump is perhaps the most pointless sport on the planet.

I have not heard anyone even talking about the Olympics. there is a resigned groan when they come up and a feeling that they are just a big party for the corporates and the organisers and the media paid for by the public.

But then that maybe part of the history of the Olympics. They were just the same in ancient Greece when the warring city states would swop battle for sport in celebration of Zeus.

They began in 776 BC in Olympia in Greece. They were celebrated until 393 AD when they were suppressed by Theodosius I as part of the campaign to impose Christianity (boo hiss!) as the state religion. During the games there was an Olympic Truce was enacted so that athletes could travel from their countries to the Games in safety. They seem to have forgotten about that one.

The games were political and were used by the city states to show who was the top dog. Politicians would announce political alliances at the Games, and in times of war, priests would offer sacrifices to the gods for victory. The Games then were also used to help spread Hellenistic culture throughout the Mediterranean now they are used to spread ”Ëœfreedom’ or coca cola culture throughout the world.

They are a strange thing these Olympics.

Maybe everyone is suddenly interested in these strange sports? Maybe we are all ready to cheer Great Britain’s handful of golds and Eddie the Eagle rubbish losers?

Who gives a fuck about the Olympics? Please comment”¦

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Award winning journalist and boss of Louder Than War. In a 30 year music writing career, John was the first to write about bands such as Stone Roses and Nirvana and has several best selling music books to his name. He constantly tours the world with Goldblade and the Membranes playing gigs or doing spoken word and speaking at music conferences.


  1. It’s pretty galling having to live on the doorsteps of the bloody thing. I don’t know anybody – not a single soul – who is the least bit interested in this competition. I think it’s all rather sad that so many small businesses were swept away to make room for the enormous white elephant that is the Olympic ‘village’. Sad.

    • I believe the Olympics is the biggest fraud ever done. Less then 3 % of the Country wanted the Olympics yet it was implemented. I believe all the Rich big business people are winning big contracts making them even richer while the extra jobs are outsourced to china and india
      The Olympics is nothing but a money making machine while making the tax payer pay up billions which are more then half fraudulently diverted or overpriced contracts given to certain people. Their was already a fraud investigation going on am I surprised no.
      Democracy only exist on paper it is not really followed.

  2. thank you John, i was beginning to think it was just me!

    and jesus, how many middle class families can the news dig up ‘worried’ about how they can attend with their four kids when tamara has ballet on Saturdays.

    and, all this talk about the games’ legacy, there’ll be a velodrome for underprivileged youth…
    aye that’ll be comforting to everyone outside London who’s paying for them too.

    • I am not at all in the least interested in being a spectator at any sporting event – let alone the forthcoming Olympics – I never have been . For me sport is something one takes part in , not watches .
      So , from my perspective I resent the whole thing as a waste of time and money – some of it as a tax payer , being my money !
      And who in their right mind would accept expensive tickets for events they’re not in the least interested in . Meanwhile. MPs and the like get their tickets for nothing . Something’s wrong there ?
      Truthfully , I wish the whole event to be over and done with sooner rather than later . That way the Nation can get back to the issues that really matter .

  3. Not me mate :) I laughed somewhat grimly at “The Olympics are full of sports you were forced to do at school” as my absolute fear and hatred of this ritual humiliation has been tempered somewhat by the fact that I left school over 20 years ago now. But just because it’s not my thing doesn’t mean other people feel the same. Unfortunately for them, their enthusiasm for it may not be enough.

    “Just who are these corporates?” The same jammy bastards that blag freebies to large music events for which ordinary fans have to foot the bill. Managing a music review website on a budget of precisely fuck all I can never get press access for my reviewers to, say, The M.E.N. Arena unless it comes directly from one of the bands on the bill, as the Arena doesn’t consider that Manchester’s longest running music website reviewing their events is a worthwhile enough use of two seats / places. No, in order to enjoy that privilege I would have to actually work for one of the comapnies who lavishly sponsor the venue and the tickets would be generously donated whether they were wanted or not. Some of these companies use the tickets as a perk for managers, others give them away in company raffles: that’s why you’ll often see people in the press / guest area who don’t appear to know what band they’re watching…

    The world of sporting tickets is exactly the same worse, even, maybe): my sister, a talented amateur racing cyclist and avid spectator cycling fan will have to apply along with everyone else for the possible chance to pay through the nose to watch the stars of two wheels (as important to her as musical ones are to me) while bank managers who probably have about as much interest in and knowledge of in competitive cycling as I do (that’ll be…. oooh, maybe an atom or two’s worth, if that) will be taken for a nice jolly day out in trackside hospitality.

  4. I’m applying in the ballot today for tickets to see the Olympic tennis (hosted at Wimbledon a month after the worlds biggest and best Grand Slam). It may even be a nice idea to go and wander around the Olympic park in the east end on a sunny day and sink a few beers — just to see what all this money has bought.

    However, you have a good point, John. “Just who are these corporates? Why do they get all the tickets and are they as interested in shot-putting as the rest of us? They clog up the stadiums in the world cup planning their latest fiendish ways to screw us”.

    Every year at Wimbledon, corporate hospitality ruins it for many fans: there are entire blocks of empty seats which the real fans could occupy. It’s sickening. And embarrassing.

    These corporate bastards are only there for stupid networking and getting pissed on the free champagne. They have no interest in tennis whatsoever, only the occasion and tax-deductible schmoozing with clients and suppliers. They never watch a single game (let alone a whole match), except for a glimpse of a screen in their hospitality suites.

    The organisers should find out first if these parasites actually want to sit down in the stadiums and watch the entertainment. If not, these precious — and expensive — seats should be allocated to the proper year-round fans who pay to see their favourite sport on subscription TV and queue-up outside for hours on end. After all, it’s the real fans who finance sport, not these corporate cocksuckers.

    • Oh god, here comes the “disrespect” word as if its such a huge deal that someone got the name wrong of some tiny, minority sport. Note the word sport: something that precisely matters fuck all in the larger scheme of things. Just someones personal choice of a pointless, competitive activity. OK, OK it can get you fitter but so can walking up a hill or going for a cycle and those activities are in themselves not sports. This is the problem with Coe etc.: they imagine that sport is the absolute be all and end all and therefore think nothing of doing their damnedest to inflict it on the rest of us. Nice to see most of the country does not give a flying. Won’t stop them though. I live in Glasgow: Commonwealth Games in 2014.

  5. Typically for any event organised in this country…The olympic clock ” Developed by experts ” Has stopped already !

  6. I care. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.
    I couldn’t care less about all the corporate stuff, it’s the individual sportspeople I care about.

    • It’s only a once in a lifetime opportunity if you would never travel to another country for the olympics. And if you’re that interested in it, surely you would.

      Personally, I have no interest in watching people running or cycling in circles, or swimming up and down a swimming pool – no matter how quickly they get it over with. My idea of a worthwhile sporting experience is something I actually do myself, not for the cameras, money, or medals, but because it’s fun.

    • Why !!! They don’t care a rats fart about you. What they care about is the fame, glory and money winning a medal will bring them. None of this will help the starving, the homeless, the sick, the elderly, the poor or any other section of society that needs help.

      I just don’t get how running faster or jumping higher than everyone else contributes to society. We already know from previous posts who it does contribute to.

  7. just heard them say on the news there was no rush to get tickets. having a laugh aint they. gona be a few empty seats me thinks

  8. If they brought back ancient Greek style naked games interest would go through the roof – might earn some of the money back we’ve spent on the games.

    Seriously though, they trotted out the same arguments about the benefits for Manchester when it hosted the commonwealth games. Has the city of Manchester stadium and the aquatics centre made a big difference to people living on the breadline? Don’t think so.

    I’ll be out playing footie, running and actually interacting with people when the olympics is on, not staying in to watch it on telly. Spending half the money we’ve spent on the Olympics on grass root sport instead would have an actual,legacy and make people give a toss about sports.

    • Manchester Commonwealth games? I live in Manchester and those games made not one iota of difference. Yeah yeah we got a new Acquatics Center and I have used it a few times but its really nothing to brag about.

  9. I just googled “Fuck the Olympics” to see if I was alone in this sentiment, but it appears I’m not! I think the whole venture is a poisonous, treacherous, villainous activity that drives countries into poverty, drives children into hopeless dreams, and makes billions of dollars for people who already have billions of dollars.

    Let me be more specific.

    As far as countries go, they compete with each other to “win” the extremely biased contest of who will host the Olympics next (two decades from now). Next, they spend a fortune on building new stadiums and venues with money that in many cases the country in question desperately needs to improve the standard of living for their citizens (almost none of whom give a fuck about the Olympics). Finally, after enjoying a brief economic boom from increased tourism, they return to their prior situation, only with a bunch of useless, giant buildings that need to be maintained using more of that desperately needed public funding, or in China’s case torn down at the (great) expense of the landscape and people.

    However destructive the Olympic ‘games’ are to cities and countries, they are perhaps more destructive to the poor athletes who compete for a role in this international farce. Millions of young people sacrifice their entire childhood and early adulthood chasing the dream of becoming an Olympic athlete, only to find out that they weren’t quite fast (or strong, or precise, etc.) enough to make the grade. “Oops, I spent my whole life learning how to cross-country ski and fire a rifle concurrently, and didn’t qualify…now I have no other skills, and didn’t go to college, and there seems to be no other application for the extremely specialized skills that I do have”. Moreover, parents actually ENCOURAGE their children to pursue these dreams, and often go bankrupt trying to get their children into the sports and ‘games’ they have a passion for. News Flash: there is about a ten-million-to-one chance your kid will win a gold medal, and even if they do, that shit is only gold-plated now, and even if it were solid gold, it would never be enough to pay for years of 4 a.m. swimming practices or personal discus-throwing lessons.

    I think my rant is done now; so happy to know that there are others on the “Fuck the Olympics” bandwagon. Go team!

  10. I live in London & have seen nothing but cutbacks because there is no money, we are in a recession etc,
    NHS A&E departments shut, pensioners services cut, day care centres cut, back to work job schemes cut. But the idiots that run the country just blew 24 billion on the Olympics. The Building companies & the corrupt organiser must have been laughing all the way to the bank.
    Here in London we all got Olympic tax added to our council tax whether we liked it or not, No one asked whether we wanted to foot the bill, financially or socially & the answer is NO, we didnt.
    They’ve dug up roads & paved everywhere just to they can install hundreds of Bozza bikes (Boris bikes) because the transport infrastructure is so shit & cant & wont cope with an estimated NINE million extra people. Apart from that expect London to be turned into a giant toilet for the whole of summer… Portloos will line the streets of London to accommodate the excrement of NINE extra million visitors. (Nine million is the estimated figure I got from the TFL leaflet….)
    When the Olympics is on there will be more troops in London than there are in Afghanistan, the cost of security alone could have prevented many A&E departments shutting & thousands of lives. At the end of it all the Russian construction companies will make a killing, bulldozing the lot & building more unaffordable luxury flats for the rich. Bear in mind that public money paid for the Olympic buildings.

    Fuck the Olympics. Fuck the Government. Fuck the corporate megarich companies. Fuck the jubilee. Fuck the Banks. Fuck the HS2 (costing 42 billion)

    • Too fucking right! If it weren’t for the fact so many decent, hard-working people have been forced to pay for this ‘Olympic’ fiasco, I’d be at home just watching and waiting for it all to descend in total chaos.

      I’ve even stopped doing the lottery so my cash can’t go to pay for it.

  11. Social cleansing, steroids, chauvinism. And more military involvement than party conference in North Korea. All to discover which genetically modified athletes have successfully doped and which haven’t.

    It’s a fight to the death in a sewer, and I couldn’t give a fuck.

  12. Wonder what the well-connected super-rich will do when the public purse (which they increasingly seem to expect to fund them enthusiastically and unquestioningly) dries up.

    • They will tell us it’s all our fault and that we have to work harder and longer, all in the interest of ‘the country as a whole’ of course. Sad thing is far too many people these days have been lulled into believing the garbage spewed out by all sides.

  13. The Olympic torch is coming past our house, on Tuesday. The local council have,
    for the first time in years, send every street-cleaning vehicle available to clear up
    the booze-induced vomit, dog-shit, discarded kebabs, and the broken bottles of our overwhelming, self-absorbed student population. Earlier, we were trimming the hedge, when a clipboard-wielding official wandered over and demanded to know if we would be clearing up after ourselves. “Fuck off” is such a useful entreaty, at such times. Absolutely agree, fuck the Olympics, and fuck the jubilee. Glimpsed the Windsor-based farce, yesterday. So hollow and and ludicrously Victorian. The uniformed cunts arranged behind Her Maj’ looked as though they were auditioning for “Ubu Roi”! So sick of the BBC cheerleading for this expensive and deeply offensive bullshit. How can it be right for there to have been a private subscription to buy Queenie a fucking barge, when there are people queuing at soup kitchens at almost every city of the UK?

  14. They tell us that sport unites and brings people together. Wrong in so many ways. Team sports at school boil down to little more than the good ones bullying the bad/unintersted ones mainly to show off how good they are. As far as the Olympics goes it’s a total commerce fest for the sponsors. I notice that the torch relay starts in some places, such as Stafford, at about 5.30pm, that should make rush hour along the A34 really interesting. The ancient Romans had their gladiatorial games to keep the masses entertained and ‘happy’, we have the farce that is the Olympics, and of course the jubilee to distract the people from the crap that this country is in. I wonder what will be used after the games and the jubilee? Invasion of Iran anyone?

  15. I could weep when I think of how much of OUR money has been wasted on this corporate wank-fest! We must all work harder and longer (if we’re lucky enough to actually have a job) and put up with endless cuts, made wherever it hurts most. to pull our great nation through the recession while the fat cats (don’t get me started!) have another glass of “Bolli” to celebrate their latest bonus and pay rise.
    I’m seriously thinking of emigrating.
    P.S. I’m not a fanatic of any kind, just a sixty year old bloke who’s worked hard all his life and is feeling, “Sick as a parrot”!

  16. So frigging bored of having the olympics rammed down my throat, i wouldn’t be surprised if slit wrist rates rise while people jumping off buildings comes down.

  17. YAY!!!
    Who’s got the biggest population pool and the best sporting infrastructure so that we can see who can run far.
    I’m rooting for Lichtenstein this year.
    Spirit of ’36 forever!!!

  18. “Get ahead of the games” booms Boris from the Underground tannoys, ” don’t get caught out”, regarding the latter we already have been. London is on lock down during the games, for those who have to travel through it we are told its better to walk, avoid the tube, stay at home…well that’s Olympic, Cornithian and inclusive isn’t it!?!

    We hear about the tough stance that will be taken on tax avoidance by the government as they allow the dubious corporate sponsors to avoid paying tax so they can sell their food and fuel. Also a corporate sponsor is a bank that the taxpayer owns and who have seats for free, you simply couldn’t make it up.

    We have been colonised and co-modified for years, there is nothing left that is beautiful about world sport, sucked dry by the global corporate culture. I used to live 15 minutes walk from the site, it’s the area that the games hasn’t touched, Plaistow gave the world the Small Faces, the Olympics has given it eff all.

  19. So gratifying to read this blog and all the sane comment – 50 years since I left school and I still recall the humiliation of “sport”. It is the experience of being at the wrong end of the competition in competitive “sport” that turns people in their millions off exercise. Elite(ist) sport is to blame for our unhealthy lifestyles.

  20. What frustrates me most about it is the way that dissenting opinion, and the voices of ordinary people who have businesses that have either been closed down or rendered inaccessible, who can’t get to work because of the traffic chaos (34 miles of it on the M4 this morning thanks to the Olympic Lane restriction), and who are going to be repaying the £9bn this has cost through their taxes, have been completely ignored. The way that, while all this misery has been brought on so many, we are still told what a wonderful thing this is for Britain, and how opposing it is so wrong.
    It’s nothing more than a vanity project, and one which tramples so heavily over ordinary people without a jot of consideration or thought, that it could have been conceived in China, or Iron Curtain-era Eastern Europe.

    • “It\’s nothing more than a vanity project, and one which tramples so heavily over ordinary people without a jot of consideration or thought, that it could have been conceived in China, or Iron Curtain-era Eastern Europe.”

      Spot on.

      Fucking politicians.

      It put’s me in mind of ‘Bread and Circuses’. Distract the plebs with a shiny tournament. I think it’s those outside of London, or even the UK who are looking forward to it most. They only see the positives. Plebs on the ground are the ones getting the Orwellian boot.

  21. Have to agree with the comments thus far. The last straw for me having to pass through Euston station every morning and afternoon looking at the sickening McDonalds adverts “We all make the Games”, yeah we fucking paid for them. “The Finger Fluter”, “the Blubbering Wreck” (who cries at the olympics??), the “come-on come-on er”. The Utterly pathetic happy clapper. Give me a break.
    Can’t wait to see the USA / Chinese / Russian flag being raised time and time again, whilst proud biologically enhanced freaks of nature in their shell suits gaze up at their superpower flag – again.
    Meanwhile the capital is brought to a standstill, billions wasted, cuts galore whilst the national debt runs over 1 trillion pounds. With the population exploding as our country is ransacked by uncontrolled immigration, russian/qatar/saudi malinvestment, banking oligopoly/corruption,

    Go Team GB!

  22. Pile of shite, should spend the money on important things,I feel zero compunction to watching a set of drug fuelled idiots trotting around a track thinking they are someone

  23. THe thing that has pissed me off is the whole ticketing con with thousands going to corporate sponsors and MPs with less going to the common man and the rich people whoe seem to get thousands of pounds worth of tickets when many people have none like me

    • That’s simply because they have money. That’s what it all boils down too. Nice to hear some comments though on the TV and Radio about the number of empty seats and now how they are being “forced” to resell them.

      Olympics – waste of time and money. Havent watched any of it and dont intend to no matter how many hours they put on the BBC. I wonder if we should write to the licensing authorities and demand a rebate for NOT watching the Olympics – cos it’s a pile of poo.

      Be interested to know how much the BBC forked out for this sharade.

  24. I really don’t know where I should begin TBH.. Does anyone actually care about this steaming shower of shite-fest? I for one don’t! It’s so good to hear the like-minded opinions of other people who I can agree with. 24 Million which could have attempted to fix this countries many financial faults but nooooooooo let’s blow it all on a corporate crap show called the Olympics!! We already HAVE the facilities but they insist on splashing out again on things which will be thrown away once it is all over. It could have and SHOULD have been done cheaply like the ’48 games. Wouldn’t it be a better and more fairer idea to make those in favour of the games fund the contrataption themselves? Not too mention the over-blown media attention we have no choice but to endure. It’s disgusting, and I cannot fucking wait for ths crap to be over with.

    What is so special about sports events anyway?? It doesn’t make sense why so much time and money is squandered on the Olympics when we have leisure centre’s, sports facilities and televised sports everywhere! Not everyone is sporty, I for one hated PE at school and can relate to the above-mentioned elitism and put downs that came with it.

  25. Same here, I don’t ‘hate’ it per se; it’s just nothing to do with me at all, rather like the jubilee, Wimbledon & Coldplay.

  26. They just spent a couple of million building a new wembley so why not hold this waste of time there was there any need to build a stadium which will be hardly used after the circus leaves town. There is the gauling spectacle of seing david camerons fat smug face if we win a gold medal as if he was the one that won them.

  27. Anything to fill our newscreens and papers.

    lets face it twats throwing a spear, a ball on a chain and cunts hopping, skipping and jumping ain’t something that occupies the enquiring mind is it?

    But the brain dead public get a hard on for anything on telly look how many people get hypnotised by the Royal bollox.

    I won’t watch a minute, fuckin waste of time and money, I’d kick seb coe’s head in if I saw him snide little shit.

  28. we (a majority of the public in London) have well and truly been pushed into a corner while the big boys have their run of things.

    Has anyone else seen those ridiculous olympic BMW’s? What on earth are they for? why must they pick such an expensive car to come out of OUR money? It also seems to me that the olympic stewards are wearing those awful grey and purple uniforms 24 hours a day which just serves to remind us how shit everything is going to be this time next week…

    They say they are trying to stop congestion yet they shut off vital roads for ‘games lanes’ so that the olympic goers can just zoom alongside everyone sitting there being roasted in their cars… even walking places have been shut off! I went to enjoy a nice walk around the docks only to be told by olympic security that i had to walk along the side of the motorway because it was a ‘private area’.
    I eventually climbed a fence into this ‘private area’, a few minutes later found myself being approached by very angry hi-vis wankers and a few police who demanded to know how i got in.

  29. I believe we were suckered into winning the Olympic bid, no other sensible country would want it in these times of austerity and recession.
    Lets add another couple of years of austerity to pay for this back slapping corporate venture……soon see how wealthy Seb Coe and partners get from these games.

    Millenium (O2) dome fiasco all over again!

    PS. I enjoy watching some Olympic events on TV, but keep it in Greece, or any country other than the UK.

  30. Biggest waste of money I have seen in a long time, I’m still annoyed that the local swimming baths had to close due to lack of council funds while the bloody stadium is being built.
    Everyone says the games are to inspire kids, that’s fine but when the facilities are being closed and taken away from them what good is that inspiration?

    • Don’t lament Andy, they could always take to swimming the Thames . The battleships docked there could give chase as a motivation.

  31. We cant afford to pay the pensions “promised” to our workforce (and which they have paid for in good will)….but we can pay for the big sportsday which benefits Coca Cola, addidas and McDonalds………not the only thing that leaves a nasty taste in your mouth!

  32. I have no interest in the Olympics whatsoever.

    Because it’s an international games event, there exists the potential to help unite countries, but, of course, it does the exact opposite… it pits countries against each other and helps to propagate the us-versus-them mentality.

    The majority of the population has little to no interest in the Olympics, yet the mainstream media, and even members of government, continue to try to force us to care about them. You have to wonder why that is.

    Is it just the usual effort to divert our attention away from the things that really matter, or is there more to it?

  33. […] The biggest sports day in the world officially kicks off today; we have marked the Olympics earlier in the year – John Robb wrote a piece Who gives a fuck about the Olympics? […]

  34. Solution? Blindfold your eyes, put earplugs in and lock yourselves together in a darkened room for three weeks. That way you can all moan happily to each other whilst the rest of us, the majority, enjoy the games and the efforts of the athletes involved.

    Yes it’s corporate, yes there have been & will be mistakes. But it’s good to see sports that get swallowed by the tedium of premiership football get the the centre stage for a change.

    John, I respect your views, love your career and all that, but please, shut the fuck up and stop whinging! And the rest of you for that matter, if pointless moaning was an Olympic sport, Team GB would be the top of the medal table.

  35. Can all these idiots that think the Olympics is a good idea please take a sanity check? This country cannot organise a church fete let alone an international event. The transport system of London is almost third word in normal situations, let alone this. Yet, the few and I MEAN few, hard working people of this country are forced not only to pay for, but ENJOY an enormous white elephant. The Missiles placed are a breach of the Geneva convention, since when are human shields allowed in the modern world. This was a big Tony Blair propaganda stunt, for which he left us the bill to pay for it. Please after the disasters that have already occurred, wrong Korean flags etc, let something truly embarrassing happen that proves this country is no more and that Europe is the future!

  36. Yeh, the Olympics are retarded.

    Egg n’ Spoon races

    And don’t the commentators get worked up !

    Little things please little minds I guess……. YAWN

    And the athletes are the type of bozo’s who you’d cross the road to avoid.

  37. I big two finger salute from way across the pond here in the USA for the Olympics. It’s all about graft and senseless nationalism. It is needlessly costly, and adding insult to injury is the over the top police state security approach. So, again a big two fingers to the Olympics, and my condolences for the slaves of the UK.

  38. Who gives a fuck about the Olympics? In their current incarnation? Definitely not me. I live in Kent. Unlike the poor Londoners, I’m not even in the middle of that crap-fest and still my day to day life is disrupted by the fucktarded infrastructure. Yep. Trains that will, at some point, reach London have for example banned bikes on the entire stretch, meaning that commuters all over Kent and Sussex have infinitely prolonged commutes having to walk or pay extra fares for buses in both ends, while they ride virtually empty trains where bikes would have ample room. And when the Olympics are – finally – over: here come the Paralympics with the same complete disregard for the people who have to live their lives in the middle of both these special interest events, meaning that commutes are interrupted for over six weeks to anyone who has the misfortune or bad taste to have ended up in Kent. I can’t imagine how the poor Londoners are faring. Will there be rebates or repayments of fares and period cards over these disruptions? Don’t be silly. Just shut up and swallow.

    This level of disruption is unacceptable. These are the people who _actually_ paid for all this, through their taxes. The butt ugly logo. The new venues. The non-existent infrastructure that all the same cost shitloads. And as a final Fuck You from the Olympic Committee for Total Arseholery, they get to get up even earlier for already punishing commutes and get to get home even later to their families while earning yet more tax revenue to clean up after the Corpolympics. I would use a metaphor based off of the building of pyramids on slaves’ backs if I was only sure that was the prevailing theory regarding said pyramids. Of course, calling the slave labour “contractors” is mainly a matter of semantics when you owe your soul to the Corporate store. Maybe Grottasöngr is a better allusion?

    Anyway. Fuck the Olympics. Fuck them long time. At least as long a time as they have fucked us.


    These ridiculous fucking events should have died off decades ago.
    Motherfucking corporations & powerful brain-dead traditionalists have been keeping this shit on life support for far too fucking long.

    Support sanity..
    Help bring an end to this worthless bullshit.

  40. this is a complete shambles…..Corpolympics is the word to give theses fat bellied cunts who are eating off the hard working people of this nation.

  41. I don’t give a shit about the olympics. The word alone does not deserve to be honored with a capital O. The olympics are so dumb, why is anyone interested, plenty of better things to do…like anything else. I would rather watch the grass grow or even try sudoku.

  42. Who cares where the olympics are held, who is in them, and what events there are,. I have never watched the olympics nor do I intend to. I would much rather go on enjoying life. People who look up to the sell-outs like Phelps in all the subway commercials( yeah like he eats fucking subway) have just not found something better to do yet. I have no interest in the olympics, to me they are just another thing to put up with in occasion, like fireants or flies.

  43. Well said, John.

    I am heartily sick of the wall-to-wall coverage ramming the Olympics down our throats. You can watch almost half of the national news coverage before they acknowledge that anything other than fucking London 2012 is happening in the world at the moment.

    A significant proportion of people couldn’t give a stuff about it, but we are utterly unrepresented in the media at the moment.

    And, look, I am usually a bit of a sport fan, but the majority of sports in the Olympics are ones that no-one gives a toss about under other circumstances. Honestly, who would actually pay money to watch synchronised swimming? Or handball? Or canoeing?

    The only pleasure I’ve had is seeing t.v. coverage of empty streets in London and greedy hotel owners having to slash prices due to overcharging and finding they have no bookings.

    The only good thing about London 2012 (TM) is that the whole farce will never descend on the UK again in my lifetime.

    FTO indeed.

  44. Maybe people deep down realize that 15 billion dollars was robbed from them and their children to pay for these games and they sit in front of the TV hoping that it really is more than just games. That they are doing good by being robbed. Then they realize after watching a dancing horse competition that it’s even worse than they feared and they stop watching. Then of course they forget 4 years later and do it all over again only this time paid for with the debt put on some other country’s children.

    Nobody really wants the Olympics to keep going. I know this for a very simple reason. If the Olympics really was something that people truly wanted, it would get funded voluntarily somehow instead of being bought using debt put on people who haven’t even been born yet.

    And it’s the most boring monotonous bullshit I can imagine. And people base their entire lives around getting some stupid medal there. They spend countless hours on a skill that is literally useless outside of the Olympics and other state funded sports events. It’s depressing.

  45. Fuck the Olympics.
    And fuck Google for helping to push the Olympics with their Olympics-themed logos.
    The founders of Google initially gave the impression that they were interested in ending pain and suffering in the world, and rapidly progressing the human race to a more peaceful, enlightened, intelligent state. However, they strongly indicate otherwise with their continuous support of traditions that should no longer exist. An organization that is interested in progressing the human race would not be teaching people to cling to traditions that should no longer exist. They’re actually stifling progress by doing this.

  46. I agree, fuck the olypics, hasn’t improved my lifestyle by any strech of the imagination, nor has it given any homeless people a bed and a meal, bloody useless demonstration of self indulgence by athletes that would for nothing, if only to satisfy their over inflated egos.Shame they don’t want to spend the same amount of money on improving the environment, no money in that, only a future for the children of our over populated and bleeding planet

  47. Why do we have to suffer for yet another shit event (like soccer) spewed on us from Europe? Why do we have liberal communists in our government and as a president who want us to be like those in Europe? Did they forget we left Europe to escape them and all the stupid shit they do, the olympic games just being one of the most stupid and glamorized events that puked themselves upon our communist television channels? Wake up Americans! Stop being sheep! This is another of many wake up calls! We need to take back this country before there is nothing left but illegals and welfare recipients. When you watch and support this garbage, as well as vote for people like osama, reid and pelosi you ARE the problem. Open your eyes and see they are destroying everything we had and EVERYTHING our children would have had and they are the only ones prospering. FUCK THE OLYMPICS, FUCK EUROPE, FUCK islam, FUCK THOSE BASTARDS WHO DESTROY THIS ONCE GREAT COUNTRY! (islam doesn’t rate capitalization)

  48. The media are covering the olympics as if the entire country is captivated by it! I am yet to meet one person that cares whether team GB wins one gold or one hundred gold medals. This is pure propaganda, politicians and media going on and on about team GB and the olympics in general, what an amazing success story!!! We spent nine billion on these games they should be a fucking success. Im so angry right now I can’t even type!!!! Can’t stand seeing so many morons waving union jacks, this type of national pride makes me want to vomit. Still these morons only make up .000000001% of the population, everybody else is just going about their shit. Looks good for the tv pictures…propaganda!!
    ps fuck the bbc, thought bbc news was a serious news channel!!
    pps im normally a nice relaxed dude, ive just been bottling up my anger for the last week or so, had a few beers and needed a rant. Peace

    • Only just come across this now beacuse of the shite that is Brazil Olympics.
      Sooooooooo fucking funny.
      Loving the Rants, especially the “i’m normally a relaxed guy….” :-) :-) :-)
      Thank you for making my Friday so much happier,

  49. Remember the 400 dispossessed former tenants of the Clays Lane Housing Co-op,designed and built in the 1970s to provide communal housing for vulnerable people,demolished to make way for the “Olympic Village”.

  50. It’s obvious that older, more seasoned people can see through the Olympic farce quite easily. However the problem is that younger people want to believe in all this garbage, so they choose to. Youth is worshipped in this country, and experience reviled. Youngsters think it’s a stark choice between being an ‘insider’ having all the fun and sharing in glory (LOL), and being one of the poor mugs whose home or business had to give way for this giant ad for Coca-Cola and the defense industry.
    Why? Because they don’t drive. So they don’t see the effect of closing a whole lane of the M25. They don’t work. They don’t use the Tube. They just go to school and believe they will all be doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, the ‘winners’. The truth is of course that jobs and livelihoods are created by communities and small businesses and their ‘winner’ archetype is a myth. EVERYONE is working class if they have to work for a living, and everyone suffers when the Olympics comes to town.

  51. as far as i’m concerned the Olympics has been a big waste of money, when you consider the dire state of this country’s finances to spend 9 billion or whatever it was is unforgivable. One of the most annoying aspects of it all is the sickening, simpering media coverage and the way shitbags like Cameron have jumped on the bandwagon. The hypocrisy of the politicians has been breathtaking, going on about sport and how it can improve peoples lives while those bone idle, super wealthy stuck up wankers slash public spending because of the traitorous new labour bastards sucking up to the banking sector. Sebastian Coe is a fucking neo-fascist as far as i’m concerned, this tory bastard was mentored by that genuine Fascist, Sammaranch who used to be the IOC chairman. A lot of the medals were won by middle class, ex public schoolboys/girls in minority interest sports such as rowing, who gives a shit ? the media role in it all is fucking almost totalitarian, you must enjoy it and be ‘patriotic’ with arch wankers like that piece of shit Chris Evans banging on about it morning till night. I am fucking glad they are over and maybe people will start to realise just what a mess this country is in and try and do something about it.

  52. The olympics is a joke. The gold medal is 400 grams with only 5 grams being gold and the rest is 92% silver and the rest copper. You spend your whole life training and the IOC can’t even give the athletes real gold. They spend millions on a bid for the olympics and millions on a ceremony and millions getting ready for the olympics and they can’t even give a real gold to the athletes.. What a disgrace. Fuck the the olympics and fuck the IOC!

  53. […] regardless of the opinion of our brilliant leader, I’m still coming out as an Olympic convert, having been won over by a combination of pure […]

  54. Fuck art, fuck science, fuck music in fact fuck thinking. Lets inspire a generation to run, punch and kick one another.

  55. This is our money and we weren’t consulted. There should be a referendum for this kind of completely fucked up waste of money. No! hang on… that’s only about £300 million+ a day…on reflection that’s fucking great value!
    Where the fuck did Ken dyingstone get his figures from?….1 Walnut whip a week per person?? Assuming a price of 50 pence for a Walnut Whip that works out at 320 walnut whips per person (assuming everybody from the age of 0 contributes..which they don’t)..that’s more like 1 Walnut whip per week per person for 6 years (fair enough Ken you didn’t specify a time limit).
    I certainly do give a fuck about the Olympics….we could have built at least 100,000 homes with 9.6Billion quid etc etc.

    Whistle whistle whistle ……’I’m NOT loving it’.

    PS: Did I mention that I can run 100Metres in 8.6 seconds….so…. ‘Athletes’… don’t even think you are proving a damn fucking thing.

  56. Ya, its total bull shit that preempts normal programing with athletes that nobody gives a shit about. Total mindless nonstop coverage ad nauseum . So sick of the over sell of everything. News reporters ga-ga and so much admiration they can hardly control them selves, sickening bull shit !!!!

  57. The legacy of London 2012 is it cost £38 Million pound per medal, not including the 4 year funding of EVERY athlete, if you factor than in then it was well over £50 Million pound per medal!

    With disabled people being denied £100 a week (£5200 a year) benefit it sure puts this fucking bullshit in to perspective.

    Fuck the IOC, fuck Seb Coe, fuck Team GB & Fuck the BBC


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