image1Andrew White of Manchester based politicised hardcore band Manifest has written a blog for us after hearing the news over the weekend that Home Secretary Theresa May has promised to abolish the Human Rights Act in the event of a Tory Victory in 2015.

Andrew says “I’ve always been a huge fan of lyrics and finding meaning in them and I’m pleased to be able to write about the songs in releation to current events.” Curiously the news particularly spoke to him as one of the bands songs, “Who Do You Think They’re Trying to Control?” actually muses on this subject matter itself.

Manifest’s website is here. They’re also on Facebook & Twitter.

Who do you Think They’re Trying to Control?

Theresa May has spoken at the Conservative Victory 2015 conference. Victory 2015 is one of those one day conferences organised by parties who want to try and connect with their more extreme wings of their party. One of the other MP’s was the rather aptly named Mark Reckless.

Ordinarily this would pass me by I mean, a few ministers and low grade MP’s trying to appeal to the lunatic fringes is hardly anything to get excited about. However, the human Spitting Image puppet chose this speech to basically lay out a leadership challenge. Among her rather extreme ideas was one which did make me think. Theresa May has promised to scrap the Human Rights act in the event of a Tory Victory in 2015.

Scrap the Human Rights Act?

This has all come about because May is under the impression that Human Rights legislation is interfering with our ability to fight crime and control immigration. She’s is currently referring to Abu Qatada and the fact we can’t deport him due to that pesky Human Rights Act. I mean, why do we need the act anyway

Control Lyric Page

I am a living law abiding person and so therefore I don’t need a right to life. I certainly don’t need a right to liberty as I live in the UK. I’ve already had an education so I suppose I don’t need that anymore either. I have somewhere to live at the moment so I’m all right. I’m already married and have a family so I don’t need that either. I don’t have a religion but that’s my choice and if people ask me, I’ll tell them why. I don’t have to though, because if I want to be private, then I can. There’s no discrimination. No elections either because we’re all ok with the current situation. Why wouldn’t we be in this Utopia?

However, maybe it’s what I learned that is the problem. Basically because I learned that I should be able to express myself and connect with other people with similar views. Trouble is that the people at the top don’t really like this idea because it implies that we’re not “all in it together” as it were. As you say though, I’ve nothing to worry about as I’m a law abiding citizen. Right until it’s decided that it’s now illegal to play musical instruments in a public place. As I used to busk and quite enjoyed it, this might be a problem for me. However as you say, I’m a law abiding citizen and I am one right up until I’m arrested as soon as a higher ranking persons decides that I can be, rather than if I’ve actually done anything to deserve it. Now I’m in the system although I’m confident I’ll be released because after all, when I did busk it’s not like it was a crime. Well, now it is. However I’m still not admitting it. I still don’t admit it even when they start torturing me as well, to get me to say what they want. I don’t need a fair trial because the authorities are always right. Now I’ve been convicted then what to do with me? I’ve already been tortured so I may as well be a slave. After that, well I’m just costing the state money. May as well kill me off.


The Human Rights Act doesn’t just cover freedom of religion you know. It covers your rights to be free, to congregate and to disagree. It covers our right to thought and conscience as well as religion and freedom from discrimination based on those things. Your privacy and peaceful enjoyment of your property even make it in as does your basic freedom of expression. You’re also protected from slavery or forced labour, workfare notwithstanding, and also given the right to an Education. You’re given the right to a fair trial and also protection from the death penalty. Breeching of freedoms means you have a right to an effective solution in law. Now if that’s not a problem for authority, I don’t know what is.

Human rights are the sheath on the sword of Damocles ever hanging over our heads. They are there to protect us from our Governments who would trade us like cattle if they could. Governments aren’t friendly neighbours next door always ready to lend you some sugar. They’d happily hand you the noose to hang yourself with though. Our human rights protect us from them and we shouldn’t just be giving them up because we can’t deport a few people who aren’t actually threats anymore because there are two eyes on them whenever they go to a toilet.

What Theresa May knows is that if the electorate fully understood what scrapping the human rights act actually meant, then no one would vote for it in a billion years. Therefore, she has to create a reason, a diversion to try and persuade people to go for something that is diametrically opposed to their best interests. You might recognise the tactic because it’s the same one that is currently being used to slice up the NHS.
The only reason a government wants to get rid of the Human Rights Act is so it can exert control on us whenever it wants. They are the only winners, and the Government wins because we’ve given in.

Manifest’s website is here. They’re also on Facebook & Twitter.

Manifest are playing next Sunday (17th March) at the Star and Garter in Manchester, at The Abbey Inn in Oldham on the 23rd March & at The Alma Inn in Bolton on the 30th March to support the release of Eyelicker’s split E.P. Manifest will also support Non Servium at their first ever U.K. gig on the 12 April, promoted by Infiltrate the System records.

All words Andrew White. This is Andrews first piece of writing for Louder Than War.

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