15055653_1767890470139957_1010781770954405838_nTHE WHITE HOTEL PRESENTS: SALFORD & GOMORRAH 2

Dec 2nd – 8pm – 8am

No need to correct us here – because we’re right – festival’s have reached a dead end. There is no intrigue to them (if there ever was). They feel and appear like an expensive form of suffering and they seem to want to create limits rather than escape them. They are their own grave-mold.

True excitement is something you shouldn’t be prepared for; that sense of out-of-nowhereness. Why should there be a ‘festival season’ for example – good weather doesn’t always last – so why not a festival in Winter? A festival to compete with the ultimate festival of Xmas/Hex-mas.

Untamed and errant phantoms: this is the THE WHITE HOTEL’S domain. We want to summon up some darker and greater mystery than racketeering in a field.

And so on Dec. 2nd, from 8pm – 8am, we present SALFORD & GOMORRAH 2; less a festival, more an all-day-ordeal, a testament to the rare virtues of endurance, of making it to the end of the year without appearing in court on a self-murder charge.

Musicians, DJ’s, poets, painters, strippers, ex-prisoners, apprentice-prostitutes, drug dealers in worn-out vests, office-temps with minds like Freud: this is our crowd; essential losers, just like ourselves.

The ordeal begins with a twisted banquet – the Illuminati Austerity Banquet
(sponsored by Lord Lidl Rothschild) – for those who can shoplift no more. Imagine splicing the dinner party scene from Texas Chainsaw Massacre into the final of The Great British Rip Off: that’s what you’ll be getting.

With your stomach in exciting knots, feasting on a bottle of Becks, watching your own cold breath, THE WHITE HOTEL is both your lookout and hideout. You’re on the cutting edge of reality itself; right where it turns into a dream.

That bloke in front of you is The Rebel (aka Ben Wallers – ex-Country Teaser leader). His music is stark. His witty lyrics sound like a fuck-off to the notion that England is a land of machines.

That Star Wars-sounding thing over there is the world of DJ Textasy (great name that, I must say), from Dallas (fleeing from Trump-fever no doubt).

And those two over there, they’re Jupiter-C – Geoff ‘Portishead’ Barrow’s new-signing to Invada Records. They chose to be alone, but not forgotten.

Watch the big prize of night redefine the morning and let’s tell each other what we’ve been dreaming, tell each other we’ll be fine for another year.

Written by InnocentX (1953)


An all-day ordeal:
8pm – 8am

– Tickets available from THE PIT & See Tickets (https://www.seetickets.com/event/salford-gomorrah-2/the-white-hotel/1041718 )
– £5 early-worm / £7 advanced / MOTD

The Rebel
Fandango Hack Presents Original Soundtrack
Jr Emporio
Slow Knife
Originally A Dancer
Beat Les
+ Special Guests

& Illuminati Austerity Banquet
(sponsored by Lord Lidl Rothschild)

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