What Would A Rap Star Say? WWARSS

What Would A Rap Star Say? WWARSS

It’s tough out there getting a job at the moment, slaving over applications, rewording and rewording your CV and after all that not hearing anything back. Even worse when you do get that interview your nerves might sometimes take over and your brain liquifies.

But, if you listen closely to the charts today, you might stumble across some tips and tricks from rap artists. Who else talks about their success endlessly? Why they are great and the obstacles they’ve overcome to achieve greatness? Stop reading those “10 ways to get a job” articles and pick up a Now That’s What I call Music CD!
Making songs containing more inspirational messages than posters with airplane formations or sunsets on defining team work and motivation. Listening to modern rap music could get you through that darned interview.

Next time you are in that hot seat and your mind draws a blank just ask yourself WWARSS or What Would a Rap Star Say?

You’re looking for that perfect story of why you are fighting for this job and why it’s important to you. Why not do it for a family member? In ‘Lighters’ Bad Meets Evil feat Bruno Mars, Royce is doing it for his dad

“I cried plenty tears, my daddy got a bad back, so it’s only right that I write till he can march right into that post office and tell em to hang it up”
One of those pesky questions that pop up now and then is about where you’ve come from and what struggles you have overcome. You might talk about a team project and someone you didn’t agree with on your team, or how about talking about the style of your car or someone who didn’t want to work with you and how you feel about having overtaken them.

“I remember when T-Pain ain’t wanna work with me. My car starts itself, parks itself and autotunes . Cause now I’m in the Aston. I went from having my city locked up. To getting treated like Kwame Kilpatrick. And now I’m fantastic”.

His car starts itself he would be perfect for the sales assistant position in Tesco’s
And despite his academic achievement Professor Green feels like he has to prove himself:

“Nothing to hide, Strive for the smother, Suffered and cried, Strife made me tougher. Never mumbled or shy, The trouble I rise above all, Expectations to get rep, Ain’t never begged yet!
In ‘Read All About It’ He’s showing his personality against showing the trauma and how determined he is to get where he wants to be. He’s also quick to point out that he’s never lowered himself, he’s got principles!

Professor Green is perfect if you just can’t find the right way to talk about your confidence issues, and the obstacles you had to overcome; you had a tricky boss, Green was stabbed in the neck. Potato Potarto

Chris Brown is for the more self confident ones, maybe the ones who have a little more to prove. Been fired from every job you ever had or even had a few nasty run ins with the law? Just go for balls out arrogance like him and Chipmunk do in ‘Champion’.

“work your own way to the top, if they put you on a pedestal they can take you off, and there’s a higher level than the top, you gotta make more, don’t do with what you got”

Heed Chipmunk’s words, he’s a little more down to earth than Mr Brown, don’t settle for the glass ceiling, you can concur the world. Remember who got you where you are and don’t lose yourself. So what if you’ve sent out 50 applications and get two sorry you didn’t get the job but we can’t tell you why letters. If you try your best you will be the best.
If you are looking for that perfect answer to describe why you are perfect for this job turn to Mr Brown

“I’m always pushing myself to the limit making sure I stay ahead…Some people have to learn, some people wait their turn, some people but not me, I was born a champion”

Showing strive confidence and a goal, it’s a sure winner.
You’re struggling it’s always hard to be sitting there telling someone how great you are, trying to give yourself a little boost save Tinie’s words for your head.

“Uh, yeh, and I went from the kid in class, Takes some radio DJs so they could bring me up, To the young rapper everybody’s ringing up, Got ’em looking for a sprinkle of that pixie dust, Mad thoughts in my head when it’s blowin up.”

You can do it you can succeed just look at what you’ve accomplished, use his words from ‘Wonderman’ to get back in the game. Don’t say them out loud though the grammar is terrible.

As you shake the interviewers hand they look you in the eye wink and pull out the matching Aston Martin key, thank those rappers for your new vocation.

And if all that fails, just recite Jenifer Lopez’s “I’m real”, down to earth, no pretence, magic.

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