Now that the Manchester Evening News and the Daily Mirror have picked up on the story about the potential upcoming Stone Roses 3rd album to be released before the upcoming gigs it’s time to look at what’s going on.

Over the last year LTW has been reporting the drips of information about the on going sessions for this release. Of course there is no hard news. There never is with the Roses. Who would want that? the tease and the mystery are key to the Roses.

Over the past couple of years and even at the first press conference on the last comeback we have heard that the band have been in the studio and the sessions have been going well.

Even a few weeks ago a band member was enthusing about studio sessions as we tried to put our fingers in our ears and not listen…

What could this album be like? will it be the ‘psychedelic pop’ Ian Brown hinted at four years ago or will the band stretch out and allow their considerable musical chops to the fore? there’s so much ammunition in the band to go in several different directions that the amount of time it’s taken to finish this potential record is perfectly understandable.

It would make sense to get this album out before the Manchester super gigs and also any potential smaller Warrington style shows that have been hinted at. There is nothing worse than mobile phone recorded new songs all over the internet puncturing the mystique before the album release – that leaves about 10 weeks to get this mooted album out – in normal release terms that means it would be in production now as it takes three months to turn an album round unless you are Roses big league size which gives you priority but still not lots of time…

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