What songs will the Stone Roses play at this summer’s big shows?So what set will the Stone Roses play at the summer gigs?


The recent world tour offered few clues to any change from the perfect set of last year and, at the moment, there are no signs of any new songs in the set.


There is always so much talk about what songs the Roses will play and yet other reformed bands from the period like the Pixies and Pulp have been playing their greatest hits set for years. Maybe people have given up on those bands but still believe that the Roses have something creatively new to add to the table.


This is not a bad position to be in and one that has been heated up by their record deal that hints at a potential brand new album and the fact that, unlike the aforementioned bands, they released one of those rare records that actually does totally change pop culture. It’s importance has become a creative dead weight for them though and the expectations drowned out the second album and must make it very hard for the third coming.


One thing is for sure and that there have been new songs of some description getting worked on but only a foolish band of their ilk would play them in the set and see them instantly on YouTube and the mystery dissolved.


One of the great things about the Stone Roses is this air of mystique and this mystery that surrounds them. Since the press conference when they announced their comeback they have done no interviews anywhere in the world and seem to be able to appear and disappear at will. This mystique means that playing a nearly finished new song live would actually, in some ways, deflate this.


Like My Bloody Valentine they should release the new stuff when they are ready and out of the blue. It should be an event and not a run of the mill all over the internet affair with fuzzy footage of new tracks all over the net.


This does not mean no surprises as the upcoming gigs. Who is ruling out different old songs. Could Elephant Stone make a comeback? Are there other songs off Second Coming that could get the nod? Our hunch is a couple of curveballs in the perfect set…

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  1. Who gives a damn what they play. They are long past their best. Just a money making exercise and cashing in in the past.. Saw then in the early days at the Road Menders Northampton and they were excellent. Ian Brown cannot sing any more. Sorry one of my best gigs and albums of all times but they just dont cut it any more


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