What next for the Stone Roses?

It’s been an amazing summer for the Stone Roses – from the announcement of their reformation, blistering gigs around the UK and the rest of the world. But what next? Was it a blazing moment or is the start of the third coming? Sassan Tahbazian gives us his thoughts on where the band might go from here…

Well, it’s time to put away your bucket hats and flares; the greatest party of summer 2012 finally ended. You could carry it on and book up some Clone Roses tickets but we all know that won’t be the same!

Since their announcement back in October 2011, Stone Roses have been hyped between fans and critics alike. And quite rightly so. It was their time to shine and finally get what they deserved; even the cynics out there will be hard pushed to admit it’s been anything other than a huge success.

Kicking it all off in front of a lucky 1000 or so people in Warrington to conquering Europe and Asia. Not to mention the infamous Heaton Park Gigs! What now for the Roses?

The talk of a new album has always been out there. I myself hope to see this happen.

Surely it’s a good move, the right move now? Speculation is rife that a third album is on the way, and that indeed the new material sounds good. If this is right and does go ahead it would prove again to the world that you have what it takes. Recreate the magic of the live shows in the studio, give the fans a spectacular album followed by another tour.

This would certainly put all the doubters at bay who from day one were saying they were only in it for the money. Hopefully if this does happen it won’t be too long from now, keep the momentum going so people still are feeling the buzz from the summer.

Another option would be to leave it on a high note.

I can’t see this happening, the band looked like they enjoyed playing together again with a lot of positive energy and smiles all round. I don’t think the band themselves are quite ready to let it all go again yet!

Whatever the Stone Roses decide to next it is definitely exciting times. Summer 2012 belongs to them and their fans, whether it’s the new generation who saw them for the first time or older generation reliving their youth.

It has been pretty special and many will say they have been lucky to be part of it. Hopefully these shows will inspire new upcoming musicians to create new decent music as it did 20 odd years ago and keep the legacy of the Stone Roses going for a good while yet.

All words by Sassan Tahbazian. You can read more from Sassan on LTW here.

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  1. I reckon they should go with an album of Fools Gold / Something’s Burning-esque swagger. It’s their sound; anything that rhythm section plays sounds ace; it suits Ian Brown’s limited vocals; will give Squire the opportunity to shine; and most importantly, removes the intense pressure to write song-based anthems a la Drums, Resurrection etc.


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