What happened to England? Argentinian band and huge fans of UK pop culture send out a pleaThe Otherness website

LTW friends- the excellent Argentinian band The Otherness are huge fans of British sport and culture but they were so shocked by the recent world cup debacle and the demise of British pop culture that they felt penned to write this plea…

Sometimes football reveals and reflects the core of society and that’s a fact when I think of passionate countries like Argentina and England.

In my country, you can easily notice how Peronism and the current government “employs” or manipulate “barras bravas” (hooligans) in order to control the attendance to political events and the effect on society.

This is a long story of corruption and really deserves a full book itself! When John Robb asked me about the vibe around this World Cup and the way the English expected their team to be out during the first round I started to think about the UK present.

What happened to England? What happened to the powerful working class turning dreams into realities? What happened to the irreverent eccentricity we love? What happened to a country that even inspired these four lads in the deep south of the world (La Patagonia) with sparks of wit, creativity and the reknown politically incorrect sense of humour?

1. You got the UKIP
2. You got Coldplay and One Direction topping the chats.
3. You got Artic Monkeys‘ “Snap out of it” video showing a self-massage to ego, a silly jerking-off way of revealing what’s the inner soul of artists when Los Angeles – mainstream’ coke culture and vanity pop up!

Don’t blame it on Wayne Rooney having a premature cup of tea with Andrés Iniesta at Sao Paulo’s International Airport!

#ComeOn we all miss the working class-creative-eccentric English way that was able to inspire youth all over the globe.

This generation needs the inspiration because there’s no “national thing” no more.

We are all citizens of the world and blood brothers since art and rock culture links people no matter religion, economy, status and the place you didn’t choose to be born in for we are an accident of freedom from the very beginning.

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