What a Ding Dong

For Ged Hawes getting “Ding Dong…” To No. 1 is a joke he just doesn’t get. Here he explains why.

So the UK music buying public have spoken. Ding Dong The Witch is Dead is hurtling towards the Top 5 in this weeks charts and may even make number 1. An internet campaign launched after (maybe even before) Margaret Thatcher died seems to be bearing fruit and the baying masses are going to make their point. The point being that… erm… Margaret Thatcher was no more than a fictional character. That’s the point right?

I remember “Ding Dong The Witch is Dead” as my go-to comedy moment song that I shamelessly stole from Naked Gun 2. Now I need to find a new one. But that’s not my main problem with this. It’s a waste of everyone’s time and money and gives her yet more attention that in truth she does not deserve.

Some say the campaign is an embarrassment to the left. Do we genuinely believe that “the left” set up the campaign and went paying their hard earned cash to download a song from a 1930’s musical? First up – no, because they probably already had it. Second up – just no! I think it’s a slur on most of the educated people in this country that doing this would be a responsible repost to a woman who had an incredible and despicable ability as a head of government to remove humanity from her decisions and deliver them with a smile. I’m actually surprised we haven’t had any announcement from the Witches Union in protest.

Let’s get this clear – it’s a bad idea but it looks like it’s happening (see the mock state funeral for other examples of bad ideas we can’t stop). This “movement” is not by the left, it’s by people who think it will be funny. It is not a political statement, it’s a joke and I for one don’t get it. These folk will probably not have the motivation to vote in the next general election but will be Sky plussing the next X factor final.

It’s not the first and won’t be the last campaign to get a song to number 1 but maybe what hurts the most about this idea is that, if successful, it will have taken the work of just 34,000 to get it to number 1. 34,000. That’s nothing. There’s the embarrassment.

And what happens after Sunday? Do the roused masses revolt against the Thatcher ideology still at play in today’s government or do they wait for the next Farmville? Thatcher divided a nation but inspired a generation of musicians and it’s a shame one of those songs isn’t hurtling towards number 1 this week instead.

All words by Ged Hawes. You can read more from Ged on LTW here.

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  1. The song was written by Ed ‘Yip’ Harburg – a lifelong socialist, anti-racist campaigner from his youth in Lower East Side New York in the early 1900s through being blacklisted by Hollywood because of his revolutionary views and activity. He would have approved of the current popularity of the song.

  2. i am no maggie fan,far from it,however no one has yet to explain how she got elected three times.answer that.

  3. Call me old fashioned but it being a laugh and making a political point are necessarily mutually exclusive. Certainly the one man I know who bought it (with a spare Amazon promo he didn’t know what to do with – I bet there are a fair few others like him) did so partially with the intention of making it known in his own whimsical way that he is not accepting the establishment view of history. Will this initiative pay off when Thatcher’s death is mentioned in years to come, just as in Sex Pistols/Jubilee? Time alone will tell.

  4. I think anything to counteract the “wasn’t she a wonderful woman” campaigners is ok by me. If everyone just did nothing we’d end up with wall to wall positive tributes towards MT. Its an easy way to voice an opinion. The reason she got elected Three times was because PEOPLE ARE STUPID AND BELIEVE WHAT THEY ARE TOLD BY THE MEDIA. A simple song buying campaign helps counteract opinions that some of the media would like everyone to have. It gets people talking. It’s talked about on the news it says NOT EVERYONE LIKED HER. It might say more than a petrol bomb and it won’t hurt anyone or cost the tax payer a penny.

  5. Keith, I don’t think it is correct to suggest that Thatcher was elected 3 times was simply because people are stupid. Thats might be your bizarre view of course, but you are talking about a significant amount of Brits when you make this ridiculous statement, a significant amount of whom will no doubt have a far greater IQ then yourself…

  6. On of the main reasons the old bag was voted in was because the labour party where really not media savvy enough to present a united, coherent party, all there in fighting was on public display.

  7. she was elected three times because she appealed to people’s greed. She turned Britain into a nation of selfish , greedy people. Thats still the way it is today.


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