An album consistently better (track-by-track) than anything The Beatles were doing at the time–“Otopus’s Garden” or “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”, anyone?, Let It Bleed was the eighth studio album from The Rolling Stones, and the last to feature Brian Jones. It also saw the debut of Mick Taylor on guitar, and the continuing progression of The Stones towards becoming “The Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Band in the World”.

Wendy James: ‘What does it for me is the piano intro on “Monkey Man”… Oh My God! I love the whole album, but then I love everything about The Rolling Stones. My favorite period is, I guess, the Mick Taylor period. I want to be in the band at that time! I want to be tax-exiled to the South of France with them! I love everything about the Rolling Stones, but just musically, man, these guys were on fire during this period, there are simply too many things to say about why they’re the coolest thing ever, and a million people before and after me will say so. Just know this: I have everything they’ve done! Every piece of music, I’ve seen every photo-book, read every tour account, watched every obscure Youtube clip, seen every documentary, seen every movie, all of it. And yet, there is something so magical and pure about the piano on “Monkey Man” that every time, sends a thrill running up my spine… played by the great, great, great Nicky Hopkins.’

Favourite Track: “Monkey Man”

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