A large influence on Punk Rock, The Stooges’ second album Fun House didn’t do much on its initial release in 1970, only gradually gaining a reputation word-of-mouth, and through the enthusiasm of critics like Lester Bangs. The album was recorded like a live performance with the band refusing to record in the traditional studio set-up, that is the musicians isolated and insulated with baffles. Instead, The Stooges cleared the studio and set-up as if giving a live performance, with Iggy using a hand-held mic. The album was recorded over two weeks, with producer Don Galluci recording multiple versions of a different track each day.
Wendy James: ‘Ok, for me, The Stooges beat out everything. I guess my two favorite albums are the first two, and of those two, the cut “Down On The Street” on Fun House just sounds so exactly like it’s meant to… the sex, the aggression, the delivery of this line-ups feel is so exactly what it means to make music that expresses exactly who and what you are. There are cuts on Raw Power too that do this, and as you know, I’ve had the pleasure of working with James Williamson the guitarist and writer of Raw Power… for instance, his playing on “I Need Somebody” just is so heavy and sexy it’s unbelievable… But “Down On The Street” with Ron Asheton (R.I.P.) on Fun House just really does it for me, so Fun House it is.’
Favourite Track: “Down On The Street”


number 2 in Wendy James top 10 favourite albums is here

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