Another stunning debut that proved a bigger hit in the UK than back in Television’s homeland. This was due to a) the quality of songs on the album, and b) to a long review by Nick Kent at the Gospel of the NME, who proclaimed: “Marquee Moon, the first legitimate album release from Manhattan combo Television however, is one: a 24-carat inspired and totally individualist creation which calls the shots on all the glib media pigeon-holing that’s taken place predating its appearance; a work that at once makes a laughing stock of those ignorant clowns, who have filed the band’s work under the cretinous banner of “Punk-rock” or “Velvet Underground off-shoot freneticism” or even (closer to home, maybe, but still way off the bulls-eye) “teeth-grinding psychotic rock” (‘Sister Ray’ and assorted sonic in-laws).”

Wendy James: ‘It was Nick Sayer from Transvision Vamp, that first put on the track “Friction” from Marquee Moon and demanded that I “check this guitar out” – and it is amazing. Of course, everyone I know loves and plays this tune, on the radio, at home, in the car, on Facebook, on Youtube, it’s a classic. The whole album is incredible. It’s one of the albums, if I’m traveling a few hours I play start to finish on my iphone. I especially like “Guiding Light”. Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd together on guitar parts are a wonderful combination and this album literally changed the New York music scene. Television were completely instrumental in starting up the New York 70’s downtown scene and the club CBGB. I recently read Richard Hell’s book I Dreamed I Was a Very Clean Tramp and he chronologically tells how he and Verlaine started Television and helped Hilly Kristal open CBGB and you know everything that came out of that… it changed everything.’

Favorite Track: “Guiding Light”

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