Suicide’s debut album was recorded in four days, the band having practised and honed their musical and song-writing skills over five years of gigging and being on the road. Alan Vega was edging 40, when he recorded this album with Martin Rev, in 1977. Suicide were beyond Punk, and hitting Electronic Pop before most others, mixing it with an old style Rock ‘n’ Roll / Gene Vincent vocal. Suicide are probably how David Lynch would like to sound, and occasional does.

Wendy James: ‘Another combination of music that is not directly cut from the swagger of out and out Rock n Roll but still is, if you know what I mean… It’s innovated and it’s electro, maybe electro-clash, New Wave Synth etc etc but then it’s completely influenced by 50’s American Rock n Roll. Alan Vega and Marti Rev formed this two piece out of the same scene as the New York Dolls and they played at a place called the Mercer Arts Center. Influenced by Iggy Pop’s confrontational showmanship, nothing sounded like Suicide, and this first album is ground-breaking. Produced by Craig Leon and Marty Thau, and with tracks like “Ghost Rider”, “Cheree”, “Rocket U.S.A”, “Johnny”, “Frankie Teardrop”… beyond, beyond! And… in my life, pivotal!! The first night I met Nick Sayer from Transvision Vamp: he comes up to me, he looks like Johnny Thunders and he’s carrying a vinyl LP of this album under his arm… he says “Do you want to come to a party, I’ve got some Amyl Nitrite and and we can put on this album really loud” and I say “OK then” and that is how it began, also… we had Craig Leon produce Transvision Vamp because of this album, and even today, in my production notes for my upcoming album, I’ve got notes like – Suicide Echo, Suicide FX, because it is masterful and it changed music once more, it changed the direction of music and it changed the possibilities of music. My chosen track is “Ghost Rider”. I remember vividly it going around the turntable, picking up dirt on the needle, my brain jumping out of my skull on amyl and thinking “Wow, Fuck, this moment could last for ever”.’

Favourite Track: “Ghost Rider”

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