Never Mind the Bollocks…Here’s The Sex Pistols is one of the most influential and important albums of the past 40-years, An incredible debut recording of enduring power, vitality and quality. Due in large part to unsung hero Steve Jones’ brilliance on guitar and bass. Add to that, Paul Cook on drums and, of course, Johnny Rotten on vocals. The Pistols were The Beatles of Punk, and their sole studio album is as potent now as it was in 1977.

Wendy James: ‘Just like The Stooges are able to actually play music that sounds exactly like themselves, so do The Pistols on Never Mind The Bollocks. The minute the album comes on it is the Sex Pistols. Only the Sex Pistols could have made this record. Firstly it is great song after great song, secondly, the sounds, the playing, the choice of style of melody and rhythm they play, the attitude, all if it makes you be part of the band, part of the action, the minute you put the record on. It takes you to exactly that moment, that feeling. This is rare. No little coincidence that they were inspired by listening to The Stooges…

‘As for the culture-changing agitprop that surround this band, it is simply a moment in time that only these people, at this time, with Malcolm, with Vivienne, could have done. Only them. And you know, “God Save The Queen” has to be the ultimate, ultimate perfect moment. We all know the serendipitous occasion of them playing live whilst sailing the River Thames, outside the Houses of Parliament during the Silver Jubilee, playing “God Save The Queen”… to me, this is as succulent and potent as the people of Paris storming the Bastille Prison at the beginning of the French Revolution.”
Favourite Track: “God Save The Queen”


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