Morrissey’s first crush was over drummer “Jerry Nolan on the cover of the [New York] Dolls’ debut album…the first woman I ever fell in love with; the hussy-slut positioning of the legs is playmate call-girl, and the pink drum kit might be a rock’n’roll first.” Morrissey, of course, became President of the UK’s New York Doll’s fan club, and later wrote two books on the band. The Doll’s first LP has been hailed as “the definitive proto-punk album”, as it had the reckless flair, enthusiasm and energy that came to epitomise Punk. From the original band line-u, only David Johansen and Sylvain Sylvain survive–the other four have all tragically deceased. A reunion in 2004 of Johansen and Sylvain led to an album and tour, which explained why The Dolls are still so deeply loved.

Wendy James: ‘Talk about a Band of Gypsys! I saw a great Bob Gruen movie about his life in photography and there’s an hilarious quote by Iggy Pop where he describes the Dolls’ look as like a Glam, Drag walking rag-tag concoction of Thrift Store and Salvation Army finds! and it’s true! Have you ever seen anything more Rock n Roll that when they’re standing on the corner of St. Marks and Second Avenue at Gem Spa getting their Egg Creams! Yeah, this band are another ‘ahead of the curve’ New York Bands that without whom none of the future would have happened. David Johansen, Johnny Thunders, Arthur Kane and Sylvain Sylvain and Jerry Nolan… some combination! Along with the The Stooges and The Velvets, what came to be Punk and New Wave would never have happened. As for the tracks on this record: “Personality Crisis”, “Jet Boy”, “Trash”, “Looking For A Kiss” – I guess I choose “Trash” as my pick, but not really, as this whole album is so up there in my collection.’
Favourite Track: “Trash”


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