the return of Wendy james
the return of Wendy james

Wendy James recording new album in New York City with special guestsWendy James is recording a new album with ex-Pistols bassist Glen Matlock, and Jim Sclavunos from the Bad Seeds and The Cramps on drums. The former Transvision vamp singer told Louder Than War:

“We’re recording down in the East Village so I can walk Broadway each morning, which is pretty magnificent in itself…

New York City is my home-town now no doubt, it embraces me, captures my imagination, captures my heart. I belong here.”

Wendy has written eleven new songs for the album, inspired by books, films and some of her favourite bands, which she describes as her best songs yet.

“My fingers are raw and calloused! My voice is pure and strong! My mind is fully charged and focused, and I am happy.”

“Anyway… in a few weeks, it will be done, and then… I’ll be shouting from the rooftops in NYC… Eureka!!”

Wendy also posted a previously unreleased track “Schneider’s Ride” which was inspired by Michael Herr book on Vietnam Dispatches.

“This song was provoked in me by reading, many years ago, and then re-reading Michael Herr’s incredible account of Vietnam: Dispatches.” Wendy tells Dangerous Minds.

“Vietnam is such a flash-point for transformation around the world, whether viewed by the Vets that served time in it, or the cultural and political shifts that were happening around them and it and the world.”

The song’s title comes from an incident during the War, recorded in Herr’s book, when photographer John Schneider…

“…fixed a white flag to his handle-bars and took a bike from the top of Hill 881 North over to Hill 881 South during a terrible battle, in what came to be known as Schneider’s Ride.”

Herr worked as War Correspondent for Esquire, and Dispatches was hailed (by John Le Carre) as the best book written on men and war In our time. It is the personal stories of the soldiers involved in war which appealed to Herr.

“War stories aren’t really anything more than stories about people anyway.”

“I enjoy very much that team spirit, the brotherhood that arises out of the basic ranks of the Marine Corps, the ‘Grunts’. I think I could handle that stuff… and in Michael Herr’s book, stationed as he was into different postings around the occupation / invasion, he is eye witness to philosophical revelations and frankly, downright absurdist gallows humor. The cynicism the troops feel with the so called leaders in Washington and the full realization that these guys, most often black guys, would be water-hosed back in USA or set on by Strom Thurman’s dogs, are out there serving their country, facing death, and also yukking it up with rock n roll and drugs and booze and pictures of sweethearts and far-away pin-ups. What else are you going to do?”

“But still these guys, these soldiers, they are match-fit every call of duty. I cannot claim it for myself, but in any war, I imagine, facing death and witnessing the mili-second randomness of living and dying is a soul-changing experience. The one upside is the team spirit with your fellows that you bring home, and carry for life. Maybe the discipline too.”

“Anyway… this song strikes me as a perfectly beautiful moment, not necessarily attached to anything else, but existing in it’s own space… and so… here it is.”

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  1. Oh yes! I wondered where she’d got to. Transvision Vamp were an amazing band. I know the purists probably didn’t like them but look at what’s around now. They sound like Led Zeppelin compared to Foals.


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