Welcome to the backlash Lana Del Ray by Cat Marr

Welcome to the backlash Lana Del Ray.


When you returned home from a day at school around the age of 5, clasping that mushed up squiggly drawing to give to your mum, praise would normally follow. “wow that’s beautiful, you are such a star.”   Sentences were less likely to be more like , “yeah that is alright, but my hair isn’t pink, my hands aren’t five times the size of my head and the colouring outside of the lines is just is abysmal.”





Mums continue to tell you that you’re great.  But the one thing they fail to tell you, is that sometimes, if that is the case, that won’t last. They don’t explain to you, that if you do something great not everyone is going to like it, and even worse they will plan and orchestrate your fall.


 And the latest person to have been thrown to the wolves, is newcomer Lana Del Ray, her caramel wavy hair, Julia Robert’s style painted mouth and sultry melody was NME porn. Her picture populated magazine front covers and songs dominated the radio waves.


“Born to die” was hailed as the second coming in music, but then the journalists decided to turn on her.  Lana started performing on TV shows, and she was then judged all over again.   Unfortunately for her, once she opened her mouth, the audiences rose tinted glasses shattered.  Del Ray’s haunting atmosphere disappeared slightly and the audience realised that she was human after all.  


In the blink of an eye her popularity was questioned and her debut album received harsh comments, and even celebrities including Karl Lagerfield couldn’t resist sticking the boot in.


But why Lana? Why does a certain Queen of Pop get away with miming at a half time Superbowl show? Or a Satellite lover who has a taste for metal leave us with a bad one in our mouths, or a Geordie girl who needs to fight for her affections, get away with it?    


The problem seems to be either that people aren’t keen that she’s doing astronomically well and appearing to be brand shiny and new, or her PR team haven’t plastered her everywhere humanly possible.


Can we not just support her for the that songs she has produced?  Also being thrown into the spotlight can’t be easy, and high profile performances could make even the most titanium nerves quiver!


If Lana still gets torn from Limb to Limb, maybe she should add some side projects to her rota; produce a “loveable” catchphrase, join a reality Tv show, hold a puppy on the cover of a teen magazine or the sure fire way to appeal to the public is come out as the missing Kardashian!


I’m sure that her mum will tell her, “they are just jealous”, and to some extent people are. But despite her luke warm reviews, her debut album has sold through the roof, and her first Vogue cover has just been released, so Lana still has the last laugh!


If the knives are out for her, why not dissect the pop charts and see who’s guilty of not reaching Adele style notes and give them a bit of a kicking, even out the playing field. Problem solved !

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