Weird merch : Morrissey selling classic albums by other people that he has autographed on his merch stall‘Not him again’ groan the under fifties…

‘Who?’ type the Greta generation…

These days you can buy all manner of merch items from socks to lighters to cups to coffee – it’s all part of being able to stay on the road but this is an odd curveball.

We thought this was made up but it seems that Morrissey is selling classic albums by many of the artists that he grew up with like Patti Smith and Bowie on his merch stall but signed by the singer by himself.

Would any of our readers buy these?

Is it not that different from being a DJ and being paid to play these records but under your own name?

Is buying an autograph weird anyway?

Read Louder Than War’s ‘open letter to Morrissey’


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  1. Are you not going to tell us how Morrissey is now Nazi Far Right islamaphobic racist who kills baby’s. All because he doesn’t advocate female genital mutilation and non stun animal slaughter “well any animal slaughter at all “

  2. I think it’s really funny, I already like to get my heroes to autograph other people’s records, but I wouldn’t pay for one. It’s not as funny as the reactions from some inconsequential wee leaky nipples being outraged at this, or at anything else Morrissey does XD

  3. I’m not dumb enough (or so I’d like to think) or wealthy enough to shell out 300 dollars on an album, but if circumstances change drastically, I would have the lot in a shot, or maybe just Patti or Raw Power. Moz and I have a lot of overlap in terms of musical taste. This is obviously another humourous gesture on the part of Moz. It’s very clever and witty. He means it too, I’ll bet. Those records are the canon.


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