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A lot of great punk is the product of its environment.

Punk rock, of course, comes in many guises and it works whatever you do to it but sometimes it’s great for that raw blast that reflects the world around it. Zeitgeist 77 come from Teeside – one of those forgotten corners of the UK that get no favours but somehow survives with guts and big hearts.

These kind of hinterland areas are the real Britain that survive despite the narrative and the band have taken it upon themselves to reflect their version of this world. Their song below is typical of this a fiery picture postcard from the genuine heart and soul of the UK, it’s also a great slow burning punk rock anthem and is yet more proof of just how vibrant not only the resilient UK punk rock scene remains but also the towns that surround it.


  1. Great band that require a bigger audience. Each gig is a sell out in their native area.
    They have much more in their back catalogue.


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