Watch This!  Video Premiere for Hurtling – Memory Cassette – Feel-good Hit of Autumn 2019Watch This!

Video Premiere for Hurtling – Memory Cassette – ‘ the Feel-good hit of Autumn 2019’

Plus Jen Macros Top Ten Memory Cassette Playlist

LTW-online is proud to present the exclusive world premiere of the official video for Hurtlings new single/track ‘Memory Cassette’.  Directed by Ashley Jones and starring the band in a timeslip mini-drama. The focus though is the fabulous song itself.  The most immediate track from the excellent debut album Future From Here, which I reviewed here

That really is a classic pop song with nice crunchy guitar and a memorable-memorable lyric.  Bonus points for added nostalgia for the days of the pesky cassette.

The fact it is about a ‘Memory Cassette’ -an old school mixtape of songs from the past and musically evokes the era of Elastica and the Lemonheads blasting out of the radio makes it just fab…. surely Lauren Laverne will leap on it to use in her Memory Tapes segment on her BBC 6-Music show?

I asked singer/guitarist/songwriter Jen Macro about the song:

‘Memory Cassette is about putting all your emotions in one basket, only to find there’s a hole in the bottom’

And here is a Spotify playlist chosen by Jen of her Top Ten Memory Cassette favourites…. bloody hell, we spoil you lot!

And here are her thoughts and memories relating to each song.

The Carnival Of The Animals: Aquarium – Camille Saint-Seans
This is the first piece of music I remember hearing on a record player at about 3 or 4 years old. It stopped me in my tracks as I ran in from the garden and I just started crying in the middle of the living room.

Man With The Child In His Eyes – Kate Bush
I don’t think this song will ever fail to make me well up. My sisters are a bit older than me, and had her albums, I used to play them even though I wasn’t supposed to touch them.

Fifty Fifty Clown – Cocteau Twins
Probably my favourite band, especially in my teenage years. I used to take myself and my personal stereo to the heath and lie on the ground listening to ‘Heaven or Las Vegas’.

Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana
I remember where I was the first time I heard this, my dad was giving me a lift to work and it came on the radio, most likely The Evening Session on Radio 1. The song was a surefire way to get me on the dance floor at sixth form parties, and still is to be fair. I also remember where I was when I heard about Cobain’s death. It floored me, I was, and am a huge fan. I was lucky enough to visit Seattle on tour with My Bloody Valentine and I went to see the Nirvana exhibition at MoPop.

Cupid’s Trick – Elliott Smith
Not long after I moved to London my old college buddy Chris T-T asked me to sing some bits on his first album ‘Beatverse’. I remember going over to his house, recording in his room, and he played me this track. I fell in love with it and Elliott Smith immediately. I saw him play solo, at ULU I think. He was also my gateway artist to Sleater Kinney, via Sam Coomes (played bass with Smith) to Quasi, to Janet Weiss. Wish he was still around writing songs.

Charlotte Hatherley – Behave
So many good memories of working with this wonderful, creative, skilful musician. Touring with her was my first professional gig, and it was awesome. I think the challenge of learning the guitar parts along with backing vocals to her songs rewired my brain forever.

Atomic – Blondie
Another classic from my childhood, but also reminds me of when Charlotte supported Blondie on their UK tour in 2013, we had an incredible gig in Thetford Forest and my whole family came to the show. It was possibly the best day of my life.

Marika Hackman – Animal Fear
Hackman is a stunning lyricist and I love how she has developed as an artist, the new album is fantastic, but this choice harks back to the memory of her gig at Union Chapel a few years ago. It was a thing of beauty.

Rehab – Amy Winehouse
My dear dad passed away this year, we occasionally coincided in music taste, Amy was one we both agreed on, this was the last song we listened to together.

Jemma Freeman & the Cosmic Something – Find A Place
And finally – my most recent memory is of being blown away by Jemma at the album launch. I was introduced to her by my friend and bandmate Stephen Gilchrist (Stephen Evens) and then we met when we were both on Resonance FM promoting the Loud Women Festival, an incredible singer/guitarist and a lovely human to boot. Their record ‘Oh Really, What’s That Then?’ came out the same day as ours so I feel like we are album twins.

On Desert Islands Discs today was Jen Macro. Thanks JM.

Hurtlings album Future From Here, has been getting great reviews apart from LTW’s . Check out the Quietus review    and the Loud Women review each pinpointing different aspects and influences. A sign of a great piece of work.

Live Shows:

Thu Oct 24 – The Half Moon, Bishop’s Stortford
Nov 1st – JT Soar, Nottingham w/Hellebore
Nov 7th  – Cafe Totem, Sheffield
10 Jan 2020 – Get In Her Ears at The Finsbury, London w/Personal Best

Hurtling Facebook

Hurtling Website

Hurtling Bandcamp


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