Section 25 : live review
fresh from ploughing the fields Section 25 storm manchester

video for Section 25's brilliant new single
Section 25 return...

Section 25 have the most curious history of any band I know of.

Arguably one of the best bands on Factory records, Ian Curtis loved them and their first album was as dark and driving as it got, their ‘Looking From The Hilltop’ single was their first stab at pure pop sung by Larry’s late wife was as pure pop as Factory ever got- better than New Order for some and its melancholic melody nearly broke them out of the underground.

When founder member Larry Cassidy died last year the band fortunately elected to carry on with his daughter Beth on vocals. The result is this single which could well be a proper hit, a great song with a dark undertow this is perfect pop.

The result is this fantastic pure pop song that has hit stamped all over it.


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