Watch this: The Underground Youth release second single from their new album

The Underground Youth release For You Are The One as the latest single from their forthcoming album, The Falling, due out in March.

The new single from the Manchester-born, Berlin-based group led by Craig Dyer is another indication of a move from their visceral post-punk melancholy to a more refined and stripped-back sound that leans towards a more folk-noir feel. The Fallin showcases a softer, more cinematic musical landscape, one shaped by acoustic guitars, piano, accordion and heavier use of violin and string arrangements.

“I wanted this bouncing, drunken, upbeat track for the record, something unlike anything I’d written before,” says Craig Dyer. “The addition of the violin to the album really enhanced each and every track, but for me this one stands out as the song most affected by this change in sound.”

With nine full-lengths behind them since forming in 2008, the band has acquired a dedicated, cult-like global following with the Mademoiselle album scoring seven million views on YouTube. Plugging their Montage Images of Lust & Fear record, The Underground Youth set off on a 50-plus European tour, a first run of shows around Asia and were also in the middle of their first USA/Canada tour when Covid-19 cut it short.

With their original plans of heading into the studio after from their US tour grinding to a halt, the album is very much a product of the distressing and unfamiliar world we now find ourselves in. As a result of the pandemic, The Falling was recorded between Craig and guitarist/ producer Leo Kaage’s apartments turned home studios.

“The album sees me going back to my writing approach from our earliest records, writing the demos as stripped-back acoustic tracks at home. What started out as a set of romantic and deeply personal songs also took on the surrounding frustrations and feelings towards the situation we found ourselves in. Born from the heartbreak of how the worldwide pandemic has changed the industry we were thriving within and this album also functions as a love letter to the past.”

The Falling is out on 12 March via Fuzz Club records.

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Words by Paul Clarke, you can see his author profile here.



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