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All kinds of weird and wonderful stuff probably in the Fall faults.

But nothing can beat this track – the legendary 40 minute version of ‘The Train’ -a tripped out track about. typically surreal train journey that Mark E Smith took where he sits in a carriage looking at other passengers who include John Robb, Dave Simpson and Andy Burnham the current Mayor of Manchester amongst others. Produced by Mike Bennett and with music from Ed Blaney – this a longer and stranger trip than anything Northern Rail can provide – and that’s saying something!


Ed Blaney tells LTW  ‘Working with Mike on this was Mark’s original idea of us working together.. Sometimes its just meant to be, I think Mike’s done a brilliant job on the production. Mark would indeed be very pleased, rather than us just re master we thought hard and decided to take this elsewhere, overall I think we’ve achieved what we wanted to do, a more futuristic going forward approach  than dwelling in the past.. And several versions all in keeping with traditional values.’

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Extended Shunter Mix

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The Falls Mark E Smith and long term collaborator Ed Blaney join forces with Fall producer Mike Bennett to produce this deluxe double CD set version of The Train.
This re-mixed, re-mastered and re-worked classic features the vocals of Mark E Smith & Ed Blaney with guest appearances from John Robb, Dave Simpson and Andy Burnham the current Mayor of Manchester amongst others.
From the second The Train leaves the platform, you will be captivated by the hypnotic vocals, riffs and beats this will be a train journey you won’t forget in a long time – IF EVER !!!
This edition comes with a 24 page booklet and the first 250 will be signed by Ed Blaney.
Track listing
Disc 1

1.The Train ( Disorient Express mix )
2.The Train ( Platform 40 re-mix ) *full 40 minute 2018 re-mix .
3.The Train ( Dark Shunter mix )

Disc 2

4. The Train ( Extended Shunter mix )
5. The Train ( Drum & Bass re-mix )
6. The Train part 3. Full original 2009 – 40 minute version

This collaboration – Smith/Blaney/Bennett was approved and initiated by M.E.S.

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  1. Sounds like a classic track from Mark E Smith, back to the 80s 90s period! Also great work from Blaney, and a brilliant production from Mike Bennett!

  2. Love this, it reminds me of the pretty things with Mark E Smith belting out some really good lyrics. really like the end reminds me of Faust.Blaney adds great guitar and the video is quiet frightening

  3. This track sounds like epic Fall material with almost a Fatboy Slim beat going through the main riff. Absolutely love it! Looking forward to its release. Really glad to hear on the radio.

  4. I don’t really get the Fatboy Slim connection but the driving is quite interesting

    I remember one they started this project at blueprint Studios. Great that it’s finally getting released. Sounds epic and I love the heavy section before it drops into the acoustic bit . Very bouncy and although dark quite uplifting . Would like to know how to get hold of a copy of this. I gather it on mark Smiths cog Sinister label but I can’t find it in the shops

  5. A fascinating sonic voyage from the desk of Mike Bennet, with Ed Blaney pushing boundaries on the guitar. A strong and visceral fitting finale to a seismic career from the mighty Mark E Smith.

  6. Classic Mark E Smith vocal, ace guitar by Blaney, great production – Really wanna get a physical copy. I collect all the Cog Sinister stuff – can’t find a release date online

  7. Je suis ravie d’écouter cette chanson avec ses connotations existentialistes. C’est si Mark E Smith! Vive Cog Sinister!

  8. This is brilliant! Weird but very interesting. I think Mike Bennett might be insane. I saw him jump up onstage and get on the mic at Henge afterparty. Bizarre! I hope he is ok…

  9. Hey I’m on the longer version of this record.Ed Blaney featured me on our own personal train journey.Would love to get a royalty cheque ,haha.This new version has got great guitars and reminds me of the stuff Mike Bennet and Marc e Smith produced on the light user Album but its got Blaneys twists .Looking forward to it getting released .The video is Sik …I heard something about this collaboration a while back.Mental.


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