Dragged Into Sunlight + Gnaw Their Tongues = N.V. 

Fans of heavy music have been trying hard to contain their excitement about the prospect of a Dragged Into Sunlight and Gnaw Their Tongues collaboration ever since the news broke that these two goliaths of all that’s pitch black evil and unrelentingly uncompromising were “getting it on” together.

Being as how they’re blackened death metal brethren from the more intense end of its spectrum (which starts pretty bloody intense down anyway) expectations are high that this union of godforsaken vile damnation and disgust will produce one of the most momentous releases of the year – and the dropping of the short and powerful video trailer above has done nothing to dispel those assumptions. So check the video above, if you must, then read on (with your pulses quickened, we expect) for more details about what promises to be a most dread and yet majestic at the same time too union.

This meeting of “deranged minds”, we’re told, began in late 2011 with one sole purpose in mind – “to capture, digest and regurgitate Godflesh’s 1989 Streetcleaner into a conceptualised nightmare”.

The elusive Dragged Into Sunlight (who Louder Than War have been repping hard since their Widowmaker album came out back in 2012) have commented thusly about the release:

“The level of detail in a recording of this nature is inexplicable. Every note lobotomised, remixed and overexposed, exorcising total aural madness. Justin Broadrick’s recognition of the effort and finishing touch to its production is of course, an honour.”

Track Listing:

  • 01 Visceral Repulsion
  • 02 Absolver
  • 03 Strangled with the Cord
  • 04 Omniscienza
  • 05 Alchemy in the Subyear

Pre-Order links: US: Prosthetic Records and EU: Omerch.

Both bands have also been announced to play Temples Festival 2016. More details about this here.

Dragged Into Sunlight can be found online here: draggedintosunlight.co.uk. They’re also on Facebook and twitter, as @volcanicbirth.

Prosthetic Records, meanwhile, can be found online here: prostheticrecords.com.

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