SWJ Group

SWJ Group return full of their trademark swagger and funk with the infectious Gravy Train, a tune that swirls with slick 70’s disco beats, a sweet Manc groove with great guitars and percussion, backed by the distinctive vocals of Stephen Wilson Jr crawling over it. A welcome back with style that fills you with the sound of the coming summer. Another band that were on a high before the lows that are now ready to funk you up at a venue or festival near you! As SWJ himself says:

“Gravy Train is an upbeat funky as hell tune that focuses on today’s world and the fat cats in control of it. The catchy chorus is an ear worm and the tune is far too happy for the subject matter…”

SWJ Group are a Mancunian band who make music to nod your head to. Funky, groovy tunes with a hint of Manchester grit, they hit a groove and stay on it, making every gig an event filled with happy vibes. Wah, beats, keys and above all else – top tunes, combine to make a huge sound, some call it Slacker Funk, some call it Mancadelic – It’s best you see them and make up your own mind! In the words of the band themselves “All you got to do is live and love”

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Words by Wayne Carey, Reviews Editor for Louder Than War. His author profile is here

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